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do we know which books to buy yet? I thought certain professors prefer textbooks from particular author or publisher?

it's gotta be awesome having your own private mantor throughout law school :)
I wish I had my own lawyer  ;D

Yeah, the website seems to be created by a resident, and it is pretty quirky..^^ I'm moving up there on August 1st. There is info on Baylor law website about maybe getting together before the school starts. Anyone interested should check it out :)

<laugh> yeah I got an X-large t-shirt as well. I think it'll fit my dad.

By the way, when is everyone moving to Waco?

Oh, and I'm not sure if anyone is going to RiverCrest apt. (or currently lives there), but how does the summer-clause work? I saw it on Baylor website apt listing section and also heard it from someone who's at Baylor that River Crest offers a deal during summer  (like 100 boucks cheaper in rent). I called and asked, but the person I talked to gave me a very confusing answer - it's only offered to people who are living there during summer... I mean... isn't that everyone since they only let you sign a 12 months lease contract?  ??? ???

oh yeah, if you planning on living there and have not signed the lease yet, you can get $250 Best Buy gift certificate. See here for details -

Thanks, Ellie ^^
The info is very appreciated.

By the way, how was the turnout of the Austin get-together?

I attended the Houston get-together, and the dinner was very nice! There were about 10 of us: four entering students, 3 current students, and 2 lawyers, and others. Current students came to Houston for internships and were very informative about Baylor School life, (some)professors, and their respective internship. They assured me that the upper level students will definitely help the entering class, from sharing outlines to answering any questions we had. They also were very proud of the cohesiveness of the student body. All in all, the dinner was very layed back.

I did visit Waco again yesterday, and I'm leaning towards River Crest. The price is affortable, and... it's just so close to the campus! I was also looking at The Centre but was discouraged by all the fees - plus the lady told me that all the freshmen are moving in from the droms in August... that can't be good.

Got my T-shirt today!

As for the apartments, last time I visited, I wasn't impressed with the ones near campus.

I was thinking about visiting the ones near the mall.

I obtained a copy of "apartment locator" on my last visit to Waco, and it contains pretty nice places to live.

UMHBmom, thanks for the warning. I guess it's better to be prepared by knowing what you're geting into than not...
and I WILL take that ice cream money... ;D

Well, when I visited Baylor, I sort of got a vibe from the studnets that while they liked Baylor Law School, they wre just miserable because they were in the middle of of the "law school" experience. It just reminded me of one of my studio. Man, the professor made us work!! While EVERYONE in it were miserable and hated the professor, I think we all agreed couple years later that this tudio was the best studio we ever had. While I didn't think I had the potential in me, the prof's difficult curriculums sort of got me there. Anyways, I'll stop the rambling:) This is my take on the issue.


<UMHBmom laughs wickedly in the background and refuses to say anything further>

hmm..... suddenly, I see terribly dark clouds looming on ahead....

  UMHBmom, ...... am I going to die?  :(

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