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Incoming 1Ls / anticipation, affirmation, doubt, dilemma
« on: November 25, 2003, 07:50:53 AM »
alright... so here i am, less than two weeks after turning in the last of my apps, alternating between doubting and debating...
never done this before... how long do i have to wait?
does a 3.86 GPA from UCLA and a 171 with good other factors get me in Y, S, Col, NYU?
i figure i should get into G'n, N'n, Mich
before, i figured i wanted to be in NY... but i don't know how important that is.... what if i dooo get into Yale... am i a name-whore?
(the NYU vs. Columbia bridge, if i get in both/either, i can cross when i come to...)
but i'm getting anxious waiting for anyone.  i feel like a desperate sleazy dude at a singles bar... ready to flirt with whoever;s fastest.

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