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So...any more UoP commits lurking about? I'm 98% certain I'll be there in August. Flying out in a couple weeks to find an apartment, hopefully in Elk Grove, as that seems to be the place most people have recommended.

All depends on which parts of sac you live in.  You can live in the not so nice parts and it will be cheaper.

Also, you'll definately need a car and I heard parking at McGeorge isn't too great (I work not too far from McGeorge).

The main reason I didn't want to go to McGeorge is that I don't want to work in Sac when I get out of law school... I find Sac really dull and lacking culture compared to the bay.

Students and faculty at McGeorge spoke as if McG has quite a good reputation in the Bay area (compared to say SoCal or something) and that many graduates do find work there. Maybe they were just blowing smoke up my ass, but I don't see why its so hard to believe since its only an hour away...even if there are 4-5 other "local" schools in the area that seek jobs there too.

i have visited usf, but i haven't been able to visit mcgeorge yet. (mainly because they haven't sent me a decision or an invitation to visit yet.) i asked because i hadn't visited both schools and therefore i can't compare the impressions of each school. i initially applied to mcgeorge as a backup school, but now it's becoming a viable option. but of coarse i don't want to make the wrong decision and end up somewhere i'll be unhappy.

had you been to sac before? did you think you were going to dislike it? why did you decide you like that city? i've never been, and i'm just curious. several people have said they are not into sac, and i don't know why. it sounds like it's a good size city, not a cow town, and c'mon, they have 2 trader joe's. it can't be all that bad!

thanks for the comparison, edalb! they have all of my information, so maybe i'll recieve an acceptance letter soon enough to be able to visit them.

I had never been to Sac before when I went. Before I went, all I had heard was bad things (mainly on this board actually), so I was expecting to really dislike it. In fact, I only went to the Legal Scholar's Day thing because they offered to pay for it and I figured it couldn't hurt to have a trip to California out of my wintery hell in Michigan paid for. But I'm so glad I went, it became a top contender because I was so impressed with things there. Its a nice, pretty campus. Despite being a 13 acre island in the ghetto, you dont feel unsafe at all, and there's plenty of parking and law enforcement monitoring things at all times. Everyone there seemed to love being there, even the students. They had trouble coming up with things they didn't like about it, even when there were no faculty in earshot to hear them.

As for the city specifically, everyone I talked to said it was a fun city with lots to do and see. I unfortunately didn't find the "nice" parts of town until shortly before I was scheduled to leave, but I was glad I found them. I've read online in several places the greater Sacramento area is considered one of the nicest places to live in the country. Obviously this includes all little surrounding towns and such, but it was nice to read these things. They receive lots of sunshine, minimal rain (actually i consider that a negative, since I love rain and storms), and thank GOD, no snow. But if you want snow, Tahoe is an hour or so east. Several law students mentioned to me they go snowboarding regularly in their free time.

Bottom line is, my main reason for remaining skeptical is all the "bad" things I've heard about Sac, entirely from this board. I just don't understand what is so bad about it. What am I missing? It has the ugly parts that cities always have, but I saw plenty of nice areas too... I'm waiting for someone to spell it out for me.

hey edalb007- i'm just curious, why do you feel better about mcgeorge than usf? did you mean feel better about gaining admission to mcgeorge over usf? or did you visit both schools and have a better feeling about the school & environment of mcgeorge over usf?

Well, I guess I just felt a sense of community at McGeorge that I didn't feel when I visited USF. Initially, I didn't feel "better" about gaining admission to McG over USF just because I knew very little about either school, and USF was ranked higher...and I kind of thought I would like the area around USF better than Sac. So I didn't know what to think. But after visiting both, and seeing the new rankings (USF into Tier 3), I feel a lot better about having gotten into McG and deciding to go there over USF.

Most importantly though, as others mentioned in the beginning of the thread... there was just something special about visiting McG. They really made you feel like this was the place to be. Something just felt right, and I think you've got to have that feeling to be happy at a school.

Awesome :) I'm still waiting to hear from 6 schools, but I assume they're all rejects at this point. Even if they're not, I feel a lot better about McGeorge than I do about USF, for example. Most likely going to see the rest of you committed there in the Fall :) Just gotta find the best place to live now..............

Hooray for McGeorge! Makes my acceptance/scholarship there much more appealing.

Sent my deposit to UoP today... Sacramento is shaping up to be the most likely place I will be in the Fall. I have still not heard from 6 schools. Gonzaga even rejected me, wow.

Meanwhile my trip to Seattle was outstanding. I fell in love with the city and surrounding area. I visited SU as well. Not surprisingly, the admissions committee member I spoke with indicated wait-listed students aren't pulled off until at best April 15th (deposit due date). I'm hoping McGeorge's new spot above Seattle at #90 will sway their decision to unwaitlist me after that date :)

Otherwise...see you at UoP in the fall :D

PS: Amber come to Sac pleeeeaseee.

Anyone else see the 2006 US News rankings placing UoP McGeorge at #90? Woohoo! Officially broken into the lower Tier 2! That's great to see.

Has anyone received reimbursement for the 3/11 legal scholars day?

I haven't even gotten anything for 3/4, so I'd be pissed it 3/11 people had received something already...

Just received my Dean's Scholarship award: books and $12K/year, renewable.  Radical.

I must have done a killer job chatting up the Deans last Friday.

Nice! A little better than mine, but my stats aren't so great. Hehe.

As a sidenote, I've started to research housing and apartments and all that in the area even though I'm not entirely sure I'm going to attend. But, I figured it's good to get some solid research done. I've been speaking with a couple people in particular about this, but I was wondering if anyone else who is familiar with the area could make some suggestions as to where to live? Basically I'm looking for something a little "nicer", as far as the place I live and its surrounding area. And it's okay if I have a 15-20 minute drive to McGeorge in the morning. I'll be living with one other person of course. Umm... what else... being relatively close to restaurants, shopping, bars, etc. are all nice, but not required. Someone suggested Elk Grove... Natomas... and of course Midtown. Sadly I know nothing about any of them... :)

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