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Current Law Students / Re: Which sport is best for lawerly schmoozing
« on: July 27, 2005, 08:48:58 PM »
wow too many cocktails at my local yacht club to remember I might have been wrong... though I doo think its squash

Current Law Students / Re: Which sport is best for lawerly schmoozing
« on: July 27, 2005, 08:34:26 PM »
squash and raquetball are sports but reminds me too much of the movie "Wall Street" with a shout out to Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen of the 80's... the main difference of the sprts being the type of ball you play with or so I have heard lol

Current Law Students / Re: Which sport is best for lawerly schmoozing
« on: July 27, 2005, 08:28:12 PM »
Though my advice is more business orientated then for aspiring law students, connections can never hurt... there are only four main sports that a would-be successful lawyer/successful business-person or wanna be "yuppies" should take part in... 1) Golf (obvious), 2) Yachting (note I didn't say sailing lol), 3) Tennis (when your not on your boat at the yacht club or driving the ball at the country club) and finally... 4) Skiing (when your boat is in dry-dock in the dead of winter and your in the Alps/Rockies but you still need to impress lol)... I hope most realize that sarcasm and truth play a role in this post

Of course everyone is looking to "do well" but all law schools are hard, and that may not be an option.  I'm sorry, I know you go to NESL, but as a working professional in the legal friend, I don't think NESL and Suffolk have comparable reputations.  Suffolk is definitely more highly regarded.

I agree, Suffolk is more regarded than NESL by no means, but as a working professional myself, it is comparable.  In Boston and the surrounding burbs in regards of reputation there two classes: 1st being Harvard, BU, and BC... 2nd being Northeastern, Suffolk, and NESL.  More like two tiers than the typical four you could say.  Starting out, your alma mater does matter no question. However, once in the field you want to practice in, your reputation far out surpasses whether you are a Suffolk or NESL graduate.   

And, if I may, let me clarify my comment about the desire to "do well" in your 1st year.  I was actually taking a shot at my own school.  In that, you would have a better chance to "do well" in class rank and ultimate gpa while competing at NESL rather than at Suffolk.  Thereby increasing your chances of transferring

P.S.  Again, being as objective as possible, I agree Suffolk has a much better building   

Being a 3rd year at NESL… I would say it depends… If you are looking to do well 1st year and are looking to transfer up, I would say go to NESL.  If you are content with Suffolk then I say go that direction.  Staying local within Massachusetts both NESL and Suffolk have comparable reputations but Suffolk has a greater alumni base to make connections and thereby increasing job prospects.  Hope that helps!

Though I seem to be late in the game on this thread...

Carole King's "So Far Away" is on my ipod among other songs by her, though not afraid to admit it... such great singer/song-writer in my opinion

well the original poster said they were testing in the high 160's low 170's when before they took the test with minimal prep...who knows maybe that froze or freaked when they sat in June.....i'm just a little blown about how pessamistic people can be.....especially when jrossi has a super valid explanation of why his/her grades weren't that great during the first two years of school......

if jrossi keeps up the good grades and busts out a 170 on the lsat, BC & BU are both an option

I agree totally and wish jrossi the best of luck 

BC takes the higher lsat if there is a 6 point increase kids

true true... mainly trying to say one would need a LSAT around 165 (or higher) for BC or BU which averages out to about a 160 just to clarify.

Just some thoughts...

First of I don't know what school your referring to as "UVT SoL".  The only law school in Vermont is Vermont Law School and that has no relation to the public university of Vermont: UVM.

Secondly with that said you have a possible shot at Vermont Law School, Franklin Pierce, Suffolk, UMaine and an almost likely acceptance at NESL, WNEC, or Roger Williams that is of course assuming you have a clean record (criminally and academically).

However, your going to need to have an average LSAT score over 160 (with your GPA) to get into Northeastern and probably higher still to get into BU, BC, or UCONN.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Caribbean vacations
« on: June 21, 2005, 10:33:57 PM »
I agree with the earlier comment about St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  So beautiful and comforts of being withing US territory.  My family owns a villa on St. Croix and love it there as well.  But with a short vaca can't go wrong with St. John... and easily traveled to the BVI's as well!

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