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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Can I get into law school?
« on: August 06, 2006, 10:55:39 AM »
I have a GPA of 2.6 and I took my first LSAT practice test and got a 138.  I was wondering if I would be able to get accepted into any ABA law schools?  If not, are there any schools that are not ABA approved?

With those numbers you WONT get in, Don't even bother with those numbers.  However since it was only your first practice, I think you can still get into an ABA approved. ON the first practice test I took I got a 144.  I eventually peaked at a 160 after alot of practice.(although I got a 157 on test day). Don't accept that 138 is the best you can do, no matter what anyone tells you, you CAN study for this test, just like you can study for a math test, even though the questions will be different. 

I would reccomend taking the powerscore or Testmasters course if you live close enough to one. If not, take get the powerscore books and Every released LSAT. Do at least 70 percent of the material(if not all). At first don't worry about speed, just worry about comprehension, speed will come. Since you have a really low GPA you will need to spend an enermous amount of time studying for the LSAT. It can be done, just realize what you are getting yourself into.  If you can take 3 months off to do nothing but study, then great. If not, I would say study for 10 hours a week for a year. 

my reccomendation is to give it a try.  If you do your best and still can't score high enough, well then at least you gave it a shot and wont spend your life regretting not giving it a shot.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: which is preppy?
« on: August 05, 2006, 02:12:28 PM »
this is the funniest thread I have ever read on this board. Great job.

I am in a somewhat similiar situation.

I had to chose between SUNY@Buffalo at 15,500 a year, or Villanova, at 29,000. 

I chose Villanova for a few reasons.  I lived my whole life about 50 miles from philly, So Vnova is located in a great location for me.  Taking on that much debt at Vnova is a bit scary, but Vnova Grads tend to start somewhere around 80-90 thousand, compared to Ubfallo grads somewhere around 50.( I did'nt just rely on USnews, I did some research on it).    I figure the extra debt will be worth it to be close to home/have a better paying job. 

Law School Admissions / Re: steaks around philly
« on: August 03, 2006, 09:08:39 PM »
boycott geno's. the guy is a DB bigot.

jim's on 2nd and south is the best. tony lukes is defintely great.


No, he's someone who's being ostracized by the obsessively politically correct for having an opinion that an overwhelming majority of the nation shares. He asks that his customers speak english when they're ordering. Is that at all out of place? If you walked into any other cheesesteak place and started ordering in Mandarin, do you think you'd get very far?

Philly is one of the countries biggest tourist attractions, with visitors from all around the world, for him to demand everyone order in english is silly, I have been to many foriegn lands and people were always kind and respectful to me even though I did not speak there language.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Post Your Recent Withdrawals
« on: July 29, 2006, 07:20:33 AM »
why don't you just look at to see the info?

Hi, Oma. I left you a message on your LSN profile (I think), but here's a link to a message board for incoming VLS students:

Check out the apartment hunting thread - We've all been discussing similar concerns.

Villanova has a website with independent rooms/apartments to rent - some of which are in neigborhoods right next to the school (i.e. walking distance). Nova also has a list on the website of apartment buildings and notes which ones are close to the R5 (I think that's what the local trains are called) stations. I'd move fast though since a lot of places seem to be filling up.

I think Home Properties of Devon has a shuttle to the station and may not be in as much demand as some of the Bryn Mawr/Rosemont places. A couple of guys on the board are going to be rooming there.

PM me or head over to the message board if you want to discuss this further.

hey, thanks alot man for the link to the webpage and for leaving the message on LSN.  I just read the thread on housing and it was very helpful.  Yeah, I do not need to find a place really soon,  I am torn between renting a cheap private room really close by or renting an expensive studio close by. I am sort of leary of living in someone's home, but I am also leary of paying 800 plus in rent. 

okay, I just got into Vnova, and have made the final decision that I want to go there. 
I am having trouble finding housing close to the law school. Apperently there is no apartments in villanova, pa.  I do not and will not own a car, so I need either an apartment within walking distance or one close enough to the a train/bus that is runnning frequently.
Can someone tell me if any of these sourounding areas  are within walking distance. 
Can someone tell me if they know of any apartment complexes that are within walking distance??????  Do the trains from places like Bryn mawr and devon run frequently? and how long do they take? and how much does a yearly pass ost.  thanks in advance.

I some are missing the point. 
The new policy is that the LSAC will now ask that schoos report the higher score instead of the average. Yes, it is still possible some adcoms could still judge students based upon the average, but they are now far far far more likely to judge applicants based upon the higher score because it wont hurt the all important rankings.  Im pretty sure the Usnews report takes the reported scores from the LSAC, I doubt they go directly to the schools. 

this frustrates me to no end. i have a 157 and 150 and applied this cycle. I am 24 and have a job where im not paid well/don't like, plus im already 24 so I really need to start this fall, but If i was a few years younger I would probably wait.....

hey, whats up AJ. I am still in waitlist purgatory @ Villanova, and probably wont know if I'm in or not till sometime in July, but otherwise I'm going to buffalo.   Have you made your final decision to go to Buffalo over Albany?

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