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General Off-Topic Board / Re: Personality Test
« on: March 16, 2006, 05:56:50 PM »
INFJ -- disturbingly accurate.

Thank you all for the advice and the congratulations. Just in case anyone's interested, I got a response today from Fordham's admissions office regarding my questions about the day vs. evening program and the possibility of switching. Here's the reply:

Thank you for your email. In response to your inquiry, you may find the following information helpful regarding the switch from evening to day:

1. You are guaranteed a switch to the full-time day division after one full year in the evening division and still be able to graduate within three years (after that first year you will be two courses behind the day division but you will make up one course over the summer and the other you will make up over the next two years either in the following summer or by taking slightly more credits one semester.)
2. Law Review seats are allocated based on the division you attend, so you are only competing with evening students for space on the Law Review.
3. The evening division is taught by the same faculty as the day division.
4. Job placement is the same for both day and evening divisions.
5. Approximately 40-60 students begin their career in the evening division and switch to the day division in their second year.
6. On-campus housing is determined by how far you live from school, not the division you enroll in.

Stop bitching Lilacs.  Wah wah wah, I didn't get treated the way I should by Fordham.  Wah wah wah.  You *still* got into your #1 choice, and with a 159.  That's reason to celebrate. 

Err, where was I bitching? I was thrilled (and am) to be accepted to Fordham. All I did was try to compare its PT program to Cardozo's to see which would be a better choice. Since law school is a significant financial investment, I want to go with the best program. While I see the merit in listening to USNWR, especially in a market like NYC, I don't want prestige to be the sole criterion for my choosing Fordham over Cardozo.

Are you really that mistaken or insane to think that a 159 deserves better, dare I say NYU or Columbia?  If you expect sympathy and use this board as a mistaken way to gloat about your acceptance, masked under a *wha-do-I-do post: choose Cooley or Harvard,* you're mistaken. The choice is obvious along with the school's reputation.

Hmm, again with a remark about my LSAT. That must really irk you, huh? At any rate, I can't see anywhere in my original post where I bitched about not being at Fordham FT or thinking I "deserved better." I have never, in my entire post history, expressed a belief that I had a reasonable shot at NYU and Columbia. I applied because it's my money and it's my right to apply to whatever schools I choose. Gloating about my acceptance? Please. How many people post about deciding between Columbia and UPenn or some other combination of the t14? Are they "bragging" about their acceptances or are they hoping for an honest comparison of the two schools? Comparing the decision between Fordham and Cardozo to a decision between Harvard and Cooley is so ludicrous that I don't even know where to begin. I'll just say that whatever t14 school you attend (and you must be attending a t14, if you really believe Cardozo = Cooley), they probably won't take too kindly to your reductive thinking and propensity toward hyperbolic speech.

Though, it's not like you take anyone's advice seriously anyway. People tell you to request PT from Brooklyn but you "take your chances" and look what you've got, nothing. Also, your best acceptances were PT, but apparently you *still* think you're too good to matriculate part-time and that for some reason, your tarnished ego would never recover enough to be a success.

Are you confusing me with someone else? Cardozo had already offered me PT before Brooklyn waitlisted me, and I preferred Cardozo to Brooklyn, so why would I want to be considered for Brooklyn PT? And I guess it "got" me a PT acceptance from Fordham and it also hopefully opened up a spot for someone who actually does want to attend Brooklyn PT. I assume you're confusing it with Brooklyn's letter advising me to re-take the LSAT, as some people on XOXO (your home?) thought it was good advice. But, if I managed to swing a Fordham PT acceptance as well as piss you off enough to create an account centered around me, then I guess that painfully mediocre 159 served me well (heck, it's really done a lot for my tarnished ego).  ;D Also, I never said I was "too good" to attend part-time. Ever. I said Fordham's part-time evening might be a pain in the ass when compared to Cardozo's part-time program, which is in the day, is conveniently located, and starts a semester earlier. I also stated that it was one among many concerns. The choice has always been between Cardozo and Fordham. If I truly felt I was too good to attend part-time, I'd have sent in my SJU deposit long ago.

If that's the case, kindly die so that your stupidity will stop and that we may focus on people who *actually* need advice, like those hoping to get into any sort of school. And so that those who appreciate a good PT education will get it instead of those who forsake it with some chip on their shoulder.

I definitely need to retract my comment about your future at a t14. You're obviously someone with a 160+ LSAT who's been deferred or rejected at a part time program. Your post screams misdirected anger. I do find it amusing however, that you assume I have a chip on my shoulder because I was worried about day vs. evening classes and 1L summer. Chill out, relax, no one here, especially me looks down on part-time programs and certainly not at schools like Cardozo or Fordham.

After all, most Cardozo grads are lucky to have a job when they graduate, let alone after 1L.

Complete BS. How can you take this poster seriously?

I don't think someone with a handle like "pooper" intends to be taken seriously.  :D

I am still very confused.  :'(

If I were to attend Fordham PT, I would do so for the first year and then transfer to FT (I've heard this is easy enough but I'm still going to try to get confirmation from an admin before I make a decision). One of my concerns is that while Fordham is the clear winner in terms of full-time programs, the May program at Cardozo and the students in it seem to be given as much attention as the students who enter in the fall, and once the following May comes, there is no difference between both groups of students. With Fordham, I imagine there is a stricter division between daytime and evening students, which does trouble me a bit, as I am worried that Fordham might not be as concerned with its evening students. However, my most pressing question is, if I were able to transfer within Fordham and become a full-time 2L after doing 1L PT (and classes in the summer), would I be regarded any differently than a 2L who was FT from the start? Do employers frown upon it?  :-\

Wow that's a tough choice.  I guess a lot of it depends on what you want to do after you graduate. Not only with regard to whether you want biglaw, but what area of law are you most interested in?  Also, how important is the commmute do you?  Will it help you stress wise to know that you can get to school easily and to know you'll be able to work the summer after 1L.  For a lot of people this is crucial.  I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress out too much.  Both are absolutely fantastic schools, and it's clear from your credentials that you are going to do well no matter where you go. Out of curiousity, did you originally apply to Fordham PT or full time?  Also, according to LSN, you found out today, but I thought they did email.  How were you notified? 

Saw your comment on LSN. I think the commute is a minor inconvenience by itself (after all, I applied to Fordham knowing that the commute would be a pain in the ass) but it's really having to sit out 1L summer that's giving me pause. Part of me is being a total prestige whore, especially since Fordham is/was my dream school, but another part of me feels that I'd really enjoy the atmosphere more at 'Dozo too. I originally applied for FT, was deferred, and sent back the letter of consideration stating I would like to be considered for both programs while also re-affirming my preference for FT. They informed me by snail mail, which was a surprise as I had been expecting an e-mail...Thanks for your kind words. I am really torn about this but am trying to make a decision as quickly as possible to save myself some agony.

Oh damn, Red, you've gotta give me more than that!  :)

Choosing the Right Law School / In at Fordham PT and...I want to cry.
« on: March 11, 2006, 11:18:56 AM »
I'm glad I can say I did get accepted but...I just don't see any way I could reasonably do this. So, I need some advice. I'd be doing the May program at Cardozo if I don't go to Fordham PT, and the benefits are: I can get to Cardozo pretty easily from my home (one bus and a ten block walk), it is in the day which makes it infinitely easier and safer and allows me to have a semblance of a normal schedule, and most importantly, since we start in May, I'll be finished with 1L at the same time as the students who entered in the fall and automatically convert to full time in May '07. With Fordham, I'd have to take a bus and at least two subways and walk, and it would be at night, and I wouldn't finish 1L in time to get a summer associate position. However, it's Fordham which means a lot in NYC. Is Fordham so >>>> Cardozo that I should just suck it up and deal? Opinions??

Law School Admissions / Re: Fordham Continued Consideration Form
« on: March 07, 2006, 11:32:20 AM »
Yes. Pended = deferred = you'll be receiving the letter. Welcome to our illustrious club of overachievers and back-alley miscreants.  ;D

Law School Admissions / Re: Fordham Continued Consideration Form
« on: March 07, 2006, 11:15:29 AM »
Su, you are teasing us all, right? You didn' couldn't have been...I need to lie down now.

Also, yes, Fordham is a Jesuit school. I'm not sure how much volunteering at church will help or if it will make a substantial difference, but it certainly can't hurt, so let them know what you're doing!

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