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I'll be back!

they are taking the MASSIVE trash pile I just put out there.  Sweet.  I can collect the trash can and go get shopping then go to Panera.  I'll Pdub from there.

I can't stay here all morning.  It's not my apartment anymore!  But at Panera I can go on the internet.  I think I'll do that.  Go shop then get a frappucino and some broccoli cheese soup.  I deserve to pamper myself a little after the hellacious move I just concluded.

broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl is GREAT.

its true i don't want to die.  i might stop at panera with the laptop just because i can now.  i never had one of these before.  It's awesome!

Well.  I should go.  I need to get a shower curtain for the new place and move in my last items (a chair and 2 boxes).

It's so hot out there I might need to shower after moving in those three things.  How pathetic.

hehehe.  yeah, honestly, most of the drought, i'm sure, is my own fault.  when you're desperately heartbroken for some indeterminant amount of time between 12 and 18 months, you're not exactly in a position to put your best foot forward, be that at a bar, party, social event, or even on a date.  So, with a new apartment, new school, no job, basically a new life, I'm really truly finally done that chapter of my life where my job, relationship hangover, and location were all bothering me.  Plus isn't lawschool really just like relationship central?

yeah!  chica to philly!  we've even got the tropical weather you're acustomed to.

I heard.  I'm so far removed from an active sex life it's not even funny.  At a certain point, it becomes like walking through a desert -- it's all hot and the view in front of you is that sort of weird hazy/heat gyrating sky thing...every now and then you think you see an oasis, like a good date or something, but like most oasises, it usually turns out to be false hope.  So eventually you just give up and wait for something to come in your direction, like c3po and r2d2.  except, if i recall correctly, when they got picked up, it was more or less kidnapping.

so in other words, i'm screwed (pun intended).

hehe... but it's not all doom and gloom, i really don't care anymore.


you bitches need to find me a new one, since you don't work

haha.. not working, stealing internet, I am the MAN.

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