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My quick advice would be to pick ONE of those life-changing moments and write about it.  Don't attempt too broad a topic, or you will spend the entire time talking about all the different situations, instead of your reaction and dealings with the one particular situation.  Everybody who applies to law school are just numbers... except for that personal statement.  Make it personal.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re:I'm Torn.
« on: October 31, 2003, 04:36:57 PM »
I know nothing about Golden Gate.  California Western is a "good school" academically, but has very little rep.  Anyway, if you are looking for a good education and dont care about rep, Id think Cal Western would be great.  The faculty is VERY fresh, eager, and interactive.  The school is pumping TONS of money into the newish law program to get it up and running.  Its a great facility with great people in a great locale...

too bad more firms dont care about that. ;)

Law School Admissions / Re: How do I get from high school to law?
« on: September 02, 2003, 07:56:11 AM »
One piece of vital advice for law school bound high schoolers:

Get a full ride scholarship when you go to college!  Yes, thats tough, but if you are still in HS, you have TIME to go for it.  Volunteer, do music, make yourself distinct NOW.  Get a full ride scholarship.

Then, when you are applying to law schools, you can feel happy that you have NO debt yet.  Because you are certainly going to get one in law school!

I know its kind of funny to be talking to kids about debt... but that is the sad state of affairs in our country.  So, avoid loans in undergrad if you can.

or win the lottery after you turn 21.

Yep.  Thats fairly white. lol. =)  I think you have to be from two continents or something for it to count....

or whatever.  =\

Well, its not true that I had no business being accepted there... as, clearly, I WAS accepted there, so it must have been my business. ;)

But anyhow, I was helped by many things.  My PS DID turn out very well.  Also, I have a lot of volunteer and leadership activities on my resume.  Also, I am part asian.  Also, I was a music major.

I guess I just look spiffy!  Remember... if you are half something other than white, mark your race as "mixed" or "other" on your application.  They SAY it doesn't matter... but who believes that? Give yourself all the advantages you can get.

BUT DO NOT LIE.  Wanted to make sure I made that clear.  Those Bar guys will getcha!

Hmmm... I think those essay services are for an act of desperation. ;)  

Overcoming adversity definately is a good topic.  That is what I wrote about, and I got accepted to schools I had no business being accepted to. =) I eventually picked one which gave me a very decent scholarship.

I wrote about overcoming being extremely introverted.  So, you see, you don't have to be a poor, downtrodden child of an immigrant coal factory worker to write about overcoming adversity.  Just make sure that you don't OVERSTATE the horrors of your adversity if it was not life threatening.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Do rankings really matter?
« on: September 03, 2003, 06:11:57 AM »
Exactly.  The reason Harvard is so great is that you can be last in your class and still get a decent job.

You can't do that at a 2nd or 3rd tier school. ;)

I have a friend who graduated last year from the University of Nebraska.  He was 2nd in his class and editor of the law review... and now he is working for one of the more well-known firms in New York with recent Harvard and Yale grads.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Do rankings really matter?
« on: September 02, 2003, 07:51:00 AM »
Law school rankings matter ONLY if you want to get a job as an attorney with a top rated private law firm or corporation.  Yes, you can get any job you want anywhere in the country with a degree from Harvard... but in a normal firm your coworkers will have degrees from other law schools, will be making the same amount of money as you, and will be 100,000 less in debt. =)  SO, if POWER and MONEY is your goal... pay attention to rankings.  If those are NOT your goals, then pay MORE attention to the prestige a school has in the region you are planning to practice in.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Dispute Resolution?
« on: September 03, 2003, 06:03:10 AM »
I did not look at Pepperdine in particular when I was shopping around, but I believe it has a very good regional reputation and a so-so national reputation.

So it all depends if you want to stay on the west coast or not.  If you want to stay in the west, then Pepperdine will be looked at as favorably as most of the other schools in Cali... especially for dispute resolution (although Willamette is also on the West coast, and is always one of the top 3 DR schools.)  If you want to move away from that area after you graduate, though, then you may want to go to a school with a larger national rep.  Truthfully, the only schools with excellent national reps are the top 10 or so.  Measuring national prestige is about the only thing US News Rankings are good for, in my opinion. ;)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Dispute Resolution?
« on: September 02, 2003, 07:38:52 AM »
Far be it for a lowly 1L to disagree with an OSU professor... but here I go! =\

Dispute Resolution is a VITAL part of law.  It refers to the skills needed by a lawyer anytime he is not in court or preparing to go to court.  Most pre-laws don't know this, but less than 10% of civil cases ever go to trial.  Most are settled through... you guessed it... Dispute Resolution (or Alternative Dispute Res, as the old fogies call it.  But how can it be an "alternative" if it is used 90% of the time? ;))   I'm not sure why OSU professor is saying that it is not used as much... maybe I am misunderstanding him.

Anyway, I do agree with OSU professor that picking a school based on a specific concentration can be scary.  None of the 3Ls I know have the same plans now that they had when they were 1Ls.  NONE.  

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