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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: South Carolina ASD....
« on: April 07, 2007, 08:11:53 AM »
Just a minor clarification - Charleston School of Law is now provisionally accredited.  This is the highest accreditation a new school can get for the first several years.  Graduates can sit for the Bar in any state.  So, there is now more than one school in SC.  The first year class is about to graduate.  Many of the 3L's have jobs lined up, at firms, as clerks, staff attorneys, etc.  though I don't know the numbers yet.  Most seem to be in SC but I do know of one student who got an offer at Jenner and Block in Chicago.

Done deal!

From the Charleston Post and Courier:
School of Law gets the go-ahead
Accreditation means graduates can take bar

The Post and Courier

Charleston School of Law students breathed a collective sigh of relief Saturday after learning the institution had become accredited by the American Bar Association.

The school was not accredited when it opened in the fall of 2004 because a law school can't earn accreditation until it has been open for at least two years.

Law school dean Richard Gershon said that now that the school's accredited, students who graduate can take the bar exam and practice law.

Third-year law student Courtney Gibbes, 27, said students "have been on pins and needles" waiting for the decision. Gibbes and about 170 other students will likely graduate in May and plan to take the bar exam this summer.

Had the school failed the accreditation process, they couldn't have taken the exam.

Students are in the middle of final exams, Gibbes said, but she thought most would likely take a Saturday-night break to celebrate. "I think (the bars on) upper King Street will probably be pretty busy," she said.

Gershon said Saturday's approval from the bar association's Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar will yield benefits for the school beyond allowing students to take the bar exam.

From now on, he said, students will qualify for federal student loans, faculty will be listed in the Association of American Law Schools' directory, and the school will gain "credibility in the academic world."

It also means "this law school is going to be a permanent fixture in Charleston, and that's good for the city," Gershon said.

The law school will get an official letter detailing the bar association's evaluation of its application in a few weeks, he said.For now, he knows only that the school earned provisional accreditation. That's the highest level of accreditation the school can earn at this point, Gershon said.

Full accreditation can take up to five years and depends largely on the rate at which graduates pass the bar exam.

The school faced a hurdle in June when the bar association's council deferred action on its accreditation application until the school dealt with concerns about its diversity, staffing, governance and library.

Gershon has said the school aggressively addressed the council's concerns.

Third-year student John Robinson, 24, called the deferral "a bump in the road."

He said students were "guardedly optimistic" about the school becoming accredited this weekend. "When you've committed the kind of money we have, you're going to be nervous," he said.

Tuition for full-time students is about $28,000 a year.

But, he said, students were willing to take the risk and attend a new law school because they believed in the school's public service mission.

Steve Abrams, 47, who also will graduate in May, said students who want to take the bar exam in July now have to get busy filling out the 30-page application, which is due at the end of the month.

Students couldn't turn them in until the school was accredited, he said. "Most of us were waiting at the starting line."

The accreditation committee recommended Charelston school of Law for provisional accreditation today.  The final vote of the full board is in June.

I have a husband too...who has a great job here (Charleston SC)

I am actually leaning towards Chas School of Law (new, not aba yet). I suppose it will come down to Money. Doesn't it always??

Last year some friends that got in to USC did not hear until around April 15th so I think that is about right. I know one person that was wl'ed and got the call the week before classes started! They are freakishly late with admissions compared to other schools I think.

Is USC yall's 1st choice?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / South Carolina - Scholarships
« on: March 02, 2005, 11:46:25 AM »
I just spoke to the Admissions Office.

Despite the acceptance letters saying that scholarship decisions would be made by March 1, they are not done.

They expect letters to go out at the end of next week.

Anyone else waiting to hear?


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Non-ABA schools
« on: March 01, 2005, 11:25:53 AM »

Provisionally Accred. affords THE SAME rights as fully accred.

Accred. is NOT retroactive

The only status of accred. that matters is the enrollment date. If Harvard somehow loses accred. during your 2L, you still have the same rights as before. Nothing changes -- improvements or failings.

According to Chas School of Law, if your school is accredited by the time you graduate, you will be able to sit for the bar. If not, you can't. It does not matter re: enrollment date.

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question, but wanted to know - are you from SC?  I am; I love the place!  What is your top choice school?  Any chance you'd pick CSOL over USC?

Yes I am from SC and I love it too! I live in Charleston. There is a good chance I would go to CSOL instead. It really depends on $$. I plan on staying in SC to practice. Looks like you are heading to "off" for school -- good luck. Have you heard anything about CSOL? Do you have any friends/classmates considering it?

Shamelessly bumping my own post in the hopes that someone will reply!

C'mon, someone else must have applied there besides me!!

Thanks in advance.

Hi all!
I just received my acceptance and am considering attending.

My acceptance letter did not come with any scholarship info, but does say "your academic record...make you competitive for School of Law Merit Scholarships".

I guess I am asking, am I really up for one? Does everyones letter say this who has been accepted so far?

Thanks in advance.


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