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Hello all,

I am an international applicant (from India) with a low GPA. I have a lower 2nd division (53% out of 100) akin to a UK 2:2 in my Hons. The WES equivalent to my  GPA is roughly coming as 2.3-2.4.
I have no failing grade however . In my first two years I had a third division, and in my last year I improved my grades quite a bit and scored a high 2:2 - leading to an aggregate 53%.

In my defense , my University is known to have one of the harshest grading curve ever - the median is 2.0 to 2.6. And I had rather poor studying methods which didn't work in my favour.

I have scored a 165 in my LSAT diagnostic. Of course I know that indicates nothing, as plenty of people had good to amazing scores on the first LSAT diagnosis and went on to score below average or meh LSAT scores.

Though I have no failing grade, I am fearing that my CAS/LSDAS GPA might come to below 2.0. I cant find anyone from UK or India who have applied to US Law schools with grades similar to mine. Hypothetically in the worst case scenario - less than 2.0 LSDAS/CAS GPA, can I end up somewhere worth going, if I can get a 170+ LSAT?

If there are any LSDAS experts/veterans here or any UK/Indian applicant here who can help me predict an approx CAS score, I'd be grateful. Because if the aforementioned worst case scenario does occur then, I don't know if a high LSAT would save me.

Given my disastrous UGPA, I am not contemplating T1 schools. A good T2 50-90 will be more than enough for me. With a good LSAT is a good T2 law school reachable?

Please help. Thank you. 

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