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Hello everyone. As many of you reading this, I have a dream of going to a good law school. In the infancy of my pursuit of this dream, i boldly made the decision that I was to study my ass off, whatever it took, to score a 170 and go to NYU. Since then, I have taken a mediocre test prep course, read the LGB and LRB, and taken 15 timed tests and about 10 untimed tests. My first timed test was BEFORE reading the bibles but AFTER taking the course; it was a 160 right on the nose. To be honest, I was very happy with this score as a starter. I told myself that I was only 10 points away and closing that gap was doable.

Here is where things lose hope. As with many, I got a reality check. I took about 10 practice tests and not a single one of them was above 160. They all hovered just a couple points below, with one exceptionally bad test day going down even to a 154. For each one, i checked my answers and seemingly understood my mistakes. Yet, there was no improvement. I decided it was time to read the bibles. 5 more practice tests and my score was still a 160!!! It is almost as if the bibles and PTs had absolutely no effect. I felt like i was taking an IQ test. I took the June LSAT and got a 158. I was disheartened to say the least. On test day, I got 10 LG questions wrong because of time constraints, and i got 31 wrong total. At this point my only feasible strategy in my opinion would be to take a break from PTs and just hammer away at LG because of the high potential for improvement. Had i gotten those 10 LG questions right, my score would be just under mid 160s at least right??

At this point, I've given up my dream to go to nyu and i am willing to settle for Fordham. Whats so hard to get over is the absolute and complete lack of progress. I have a 3.62 GPA at Baruch College, here in Manhattan. Although my GPA is decent, when paired with a 158 I cannot even comfortably call Fordham my safety school. The last thing I want to do is apply with so much uncertainty about admission. More than anything at this point, i just want to break 160 by just a few points so I can safely expect to be granted admission.

For those reading, what are your experiences? What were your diagnostics and how did you improve? Any and all advice and comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you guys.

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