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Law School Admissions / Teacher-Lawyer
« on: March 09, 2016, 12:00:18 PM »
After 5 years in the field of education I am ready to throw in the proverbial towel and switch careers.  Way back when, I decided to pursue teaching in lieu of going to law school and I have regretted this from the moment I graduated with my bachelors in elementary education 5 years ago.  I have learned a hard life's lesson, that you should not chose a career path with the intention of helping others as you will find that most people do not want to be helped.  I went into the education field sure that I was going to touch the lives of others and after 5 years of living in poverty and working 60+ hours a week to fulfill all my daily work requirements to benefit the lives of a population that does not care, I have realized that this is not a reality.  If I am going to put in the hard work, and sacrifices my family has had to make, I would like to get something in return.  Teaching offers nothing but negative comments in return for all your hard work.  That being said, I would like to know if anyone else on here has or is thinking about going to law school and giving up teaching.  If so, what is the process?  I would assume I would have to obtain a dual bachelors degree in some other field but I am not sure what proper steps are needed to continue.   Anyone have any experiences or suggestions to share?  I am currently looking at Universities near San Diego and Pheonix as I live right in between these major cities. 

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