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So I haven't officially applied anywhere yet but I am applying for Fall 2016. I got a 159 on my June LSAT, and I have a 3.83 from UCLA. I was planning on taking the December LSAT (I was consistently averaging at a 165 when I took June and got a 159), but the deadline was apparently yesterday. Oops. So as I see it, these are my options: 1. Pepperdine said they gave $45,000 per year for the people who had my LSAT/GPA, 2. Take the February LSAT and hope for the best. I would love to go to UCLA but I would never apply there with a 159, which is why I need to take the LSAT again. Assuming I magically get a 165, and get accepted to UCLA, I'm going to be like $200,000 in debt. So I guess I'm just wondering if I should retake the LSAT or just go to Pepperdine. I mean I could obviously do both, but if I don't have to take the LSAT again then that would be nice. I did however pay for a $200 online LSAT course and I've been studying like crazy for December, but whatever. I'm fine with cutting my losses. If I graduate top 5% from Pepperdine, I can still get a good job right? And I won't have that debt looming over my head if I decide I don't want to practice law or if I can't find a great job.


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