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Current Law Students / Re: In Need of Serious Help!
« on: March 09, 2015, 05:10:59 PM »
I would just add something to the prior responses.  The FIRST thing you should do, in my opinion and based upon my experience as a bar admission attorney in New York, is to notify your law school of the inadvertent omission from your application.  Do this in writing (in case you need the record later), but consider first making an in-person visit to your school's registrar or dean to break the news.  Tell them what happened -- be honest, be frank, and be CONTRITE ("I'm so sorry for my carelessness ...") -- and ask what you can do to make it right.  Ask about filing an amended application or a supplement to your existing application to disclose the community college information.  You will likely be asked to submit something in writing.  When preparing this writing (probably a letter to the registrar's office), keep in mind that this letter will be the single most important proof to any future character and fitness committee of your honesty, contrition, and good character.  Your letter should:  (1) memorialize that you have RECENTLY discovered an inadvertent omission from your law school application; (2) provide the relevant details of the community college, including any transcripts you are able to obtain -- and YES, by all means do your best to get every piece of paper the community college has with your name on it (best to know what is out there); (3) APOLOGIZE and THANK the law school for amending your application.  Express your contrition and remorse for your carelessness.  Take responsibility and don't attempt to minimize.  DO NOT call it a "MISTAKE."  Call it an "inadvertent omission" and a "regrettable error."

Assuming there was nothing nefarious underlying your failure to disclose (as discussed in the prior responses), chances are nobody at your law school will raise a stink about amending/correcting/supplementing your application.   

Once the correction/amendment/supplement is part of your law school application, you won't have anything to worry about in terms of your bar admission character and fitness review.  Disclose the community college as required on the application questionnaire form.  If the state you are applying to obtains a copy of your law school application, then the letter you sent should be part of the application package your law school provides.  More likely than not, nobody will raise an eyebrow.  If they do, just explain again what you already explained in your letter.  If for some reason they receive the law school application but not the letter, and they inquire, simply provide them with the letter (or call your law school and request that they send a copy of the letter to the character and fitness committee).

I hope this is helpful.  Good luck!

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