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Thanks for response! The only requirements for my scholarships are to "maintain good academic standing"- so either a 2.0 or 2.2 GPA. Also, I know job prospects are better for Penn graduates than for my other options, but would my job opportunities depend largely on my academic performance at the school rather than simply the name on the degree? For example, do straight As at Nova give me similar prospects to average grades at Penn?

Also with my question about applying to other schools, I just meant that, considering my present offers, is there potential for me to get a scholarship to a school ranked higher than Penn State, say Notre Dame or George Washington.? That is if the school's rep matters as much as many say it does. Thanks.


As we all know, we are quickly approaching the deadline for law school seat deposits (April 15). But I'm still conflicted on where to go. Here are my choices: Dickinson on full scholarship, drexel on full scholarship, villanova on full scholarship, temple on 3/4 scholarship, or U Penn with no money offer (which I realize is long shot compared to the others). I've been hearing a lot of opinion, but only from my family and of course each law school admissions dept. but I'm looking for your opinions. I don't really have any specific type of law in mind in terms of a career path. What I'm wondering is, what is my best choice? Is temple worth 5,000/yr when compared to the others? Is Penn really worth it's full cost? Are there other schools I should look into? I will value any response, let me know if you need more info, thanks!

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