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I meant to say leaving active duty and transitioning into the reserve but mentally it feels like retirement from active duty. The idea of pursuing a JD/MBA has crossed my mind but that would ultimately cost more money since it wouldn't be entirely covered and it would also be very difficult to manage in addition to family life and my time commitment in the Navy Reserves.

No I would be 30 years old, not a 30 year veteran. I would have to be in the reserves while going through my graduate education which I would want to do regardless. Definitely not burning up the GI Bill as a hobby. I have family reasons that require me to be back home in NY so since I fulfilled my initial 4 year commitment that is why I am considering a JD program at Columbia, NYU, or Fordham or a NY area business school.

So I have been in the Navy for just over 4 years as a Surface Warfare Officer and I am looking into applying to JD or MBA programs next fall and matriculating fall '16. I was unable to join the Navy after college because of an injury so I worked at IBM for three years before being commissioned as a Naval Officer through Navy Officer Candidate School. I have had multiple leadership experiences, graduated from a top 10 university (non-Ivy) with a 3.3 GPA while playing a college sport, and have been scoring in the mid 160s on my practice LSATs. Due to the GI Bill and other funding, I most likely won't have to pay anything out of pocket for either a law degree or MBA.

My question is, if you could receive one degree for free, which is worth getting more?

I have always considered pursuing a law degree, but I'm not entirely sure if I would want to go into corporate law or possibly pursue management consulting in the defense space. Business school would obviously be the less stressful route but I think a law degree offers a lot more career flexibility and since my tuition would be funded I wouldn't have to worry about drowning in debt. I would also be 30 while applying and 31 at the time of matriculation so I'm not sure if being older will hurt me during the admissions process. I think my older age would actually suit me well for a law degree because I would have fewer distractions at my age and the long stressful hours are something I'm accustomed to from my time serving.

I'd really appreciate some feedback here and any advice on what schools would be competitive for a 30 year old veteran with a sub par GPA and decent LSAT.

Also if anyone has any experience with the JAG LEP program I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

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