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Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts and opinions!

I did take a look at the LASC calculator and for SD my possibilities of admission are basically non existent, at CW I have a 30-40% chance of getting in, and at TJ I have around a 60-80% opportunity, But I do not think its worth submitting my apps with such low possibilities so I've decided to retake the LSAT in Feb. As for the problem, I am sure it was time management. I am not sure if it was the nerves or knowing the importance of this test but in almost every section I would cut it short with time and was left to guess in 3-5 questions. In my diagnostic tests, time was not an issue but then again I was not under the same pressure. I will definitely be working on time management this time around thanks again guys for your input!

Okay so I received my LSAT score and I did not feel confident about my score walking out of the LSAT but I never imagined doing this bad! I would score low 150's in my diagnostic tests I guess the nerves just got the best of me. Nevertheless, I want to go to law school in San Diego. I am planning to apply to Cal Western, Thomas Jefferson, and USD school of law. I know with my score I may have no other choice but to retake the Feb LSAT but do I have a shot at any of these three law schools? Any input would be appreciated thanks!

Thank you for replying and your input!

As for the offer, the firm I currently work for prefers to employ law students who are already working for them to associate attorneys once they graduate and pass the bar. More than half of the attorneys already there were once paralegals for the firm and after graduation and passing the bar were made associates. Its a great law firm and a great environment but I really dream of being a prosecutor and doing criminal law (not family,immigration law which is what the firm specializes in).

One of the reasons for SD as you mentioned is that the market is not as competitive as LA. In LA you are competing with students from UCLA, USC, Loyola, Southwestern, Pepperdine and students from every other top tier school up north that want to live in LA. In SD they have an undergraduate internship within the county of San Diego as well as a graduate clerkship only offered to students in the three law schools in SD. Students who did the internship/clerkship also have priority for positions in the court once they have passed the bar. Which is what I ultimately would like to pursue and thats where my hesitation to stay in LA comes from.

Okay so I have been very stressed out about what law school to ultimately pick. I love the idea of going to law school in SD and I would not mind residing there permanently if i get offered an employment opportunity. However, I am currently living in LA and I have a great job in a top immigration law firm whose offering me an associate position once I finish law school. If I stay here in LA I would do the part time program so that I can still work in the morning. So far, only Loyola and Southwestern offer a part time afternoon program which is where I intend to go if I stay here in LA. However, something keeps pulling me towards SD. I am not sure what to do anymore! I just submitted my applications I have a 3.6 GPA and received a 162 in the LSAT so i'm sure my opportunities of getting into either are pretty decent. Any input would help thanks!

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