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Studying for the LSAT / Took 1st Practice LSAT Today
« on: December 01, 2014, 10:52:57 PM »
I just took the a practice LSAT today, December 1st. I used a test from one of their official test books.
I took the test under strict time constraints without having ever studied anything about the LSAT or reading about what to expect.

I scored a 135  :'( :'( :-[ :o

My top three choices in order of preference are GW Law in DC, AU Washington College of Law in DC, and Pacific McGeorge in Sacramento, California.
I have a very strong interest in international law and those three law schools have strong international law programs.

I understand that a 135 is embarrassingly low, but I had never even looked at any practice questions beforehand or studied in any capacity.
I also understand that GW will probably be out of reach for me, and honestly I like AU and McGeorge a lot so it wouldn't be the end of the world for me. I should also point out that I like GW and AU WCL a bit better than Pacific Mcgeorge, but I think all of my choices are interchangeable, meaning I don't strongly prefer/like one school over the other, I like them all fairly equally.

I have what I feel is a good study plan in place, and am prepared to study 20+ hours a week. But my question is this: would it be possible to raise my LSAT score into the high 160's to low 170's?
I know that is a large gap, so maybe between 165 and 171?

As an undergrad I went to two different colleges, junior college than I transferred. My junior college GPA was 3.3 and my graduating institution GPA was 2.74.
My two GPA's were not combined when I transferred nor were they combined when I graduated with my BA.
I also have a solid work background, a background in working abroad and in  international business, and a good internship history.

What is the possibility of getting into my three choices?

I plan on officially taking the LSAT in June of 2015. 

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