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Law School Admissions / Please Help!
« on: October 07, 2014, 03:00:49 AM »
Hi everyone!
I am a high school graduate (class of 2013) from India. I took a drop last year due to some personal issues. I've worked part-time during this period and I'm still working. Now I'm thinking of starting my Undergrad education (probably English major). But the problem is that my family has some financial issues and I was thinking of working full-time. It's going to be in a government  office in clerical grade. I have to pass an exam first but I think I'll be a able to do that. My problem is, if I start college now, I'll not be able to work full-time and support my family. So I was thinking of getting my Bachelor's Degree through a distance education program that a government university in my country offers. It's going to be the same degree that one gets from a regular college, i.e., Bachelor of Arts in English (Honors), but without attending regular classes (as I said it's a distance education program). 

I would like to try and get into a good law school and I was thinking of taking the LSAT in the last year of college. So my question is, is it going to make a difference if I get my Bachelor's Degree through a distance education program? Is there any rule that only regular college students can get into a law school like NYU, Columbia, etc? I googled but I could not find any information regarding this, so please help me if you can. Thanks for reading!

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