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Choosing the Right Law School / Finding the "Perfect Fit"
« on: July 29, 2014, 10:41:56 AM »
Ok, so this will be my first post as a member! I'm excited to begin my journey through law school and hope I can pick the perfect place.

I'm an undergrad Psychology (B.S) and Criminology double major. I go to The Ohio State University. My GPA is a little lower than I would like (3.0 currently), but I plan on having an addendum to explain one year. My LSAT was in the 80th percentile (160). I prefer somewhere nice and warm that is dog friendly. Where do you guys suggest I should look into? I don't care how unrealistic it is to get in, haha, I just want your thoughts on schools in warm weather, dog friendly and a respectable law school!

No, my law school choice will not depend on whether the area is dog friendly or not, but if two law schools are similar IMO, I will definitely go for the one that is pet friendly!

I guess my question is: what schools are pet friendly?!?!

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