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Hi all,

I just finished my first year of college at a top 5 university. I have a week with nothing to do before I start interning in a hospital because I'm a pre-med. I decided to take a practice LSAT for fun because throughout high school and the very beginning of college I was considering law school, plus, I think the LSAT is fun (I love critical reading and logic questions). I took the June 2007 version of the LSAT under timed conditions and got a 160. I've never taken any logic or law courses or anything. I only looked at the writing sample, but the topic seems right up my alley, I did speech and debate in high school and know what arguments I'd make.

I'm scared that I got a 160 because I'm afraid I'm making the wrong choice by being pre-med. After shadowing doctors earlier this year, I could really see myself as a doctor. Unfortunately, I'm not good in the sciences and struggle to pull B's, yet I easily get A's in writing (and literally just any non-science) classes. I can only imagine how I would perform on the LSAT being older and having studied for the 3 months (7-9 hrs/day) I intend to study for the MCAT.

I love law, but I also love medicine. I clearly have much more aptitude for getting into law school, but I know the job market for lawyers isn't good and I am attracted to the stability of being a doctor. I've sacrificed a lot to be premed; I devote so much time to studying during the school year that I rarely go out, and this summer I'm working Monday-Thurs from 9-5 on top of learning the material for a year-long physics course in one summer. The pre-med lifestyle is miserable, but I guess all pre-meds have to endure something similar to achieve the end goal of an MD degree. I think the difference is that pre-meds pulling A's are probably a lot happier than I am, because while I used to like science, getting B's is making me hate it and feel bitter that I just *can't* understand some concepts, no matter how hard I try.

Is it advisable to continue on the pre-med path and use law as a "Plan B" if I don't get into med school? But I guess then I would also have to study for the LSAT, which might spread me too thin. My current GPA is a 3.55, but it's on an upward trend. It would be a 4.0 without science classes. Also, I plan on being a bio major and I know law schools look at major GPA. I would only want to give up pre-med and go for law if there was a good chance I could get into a T10, but I suppose there's no way to know.

Does anyone have any thoughts on my situation? What questions should I be asking myself? Apologies for if this is in the wrong section, this is my first time posting.

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