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Is it worth the expense? That I can't answer...

Well, let me answer it.

Michigan came back with their final financial aid package.... and.... in the end, my debt load at each school for the entire three years would be as follows:

Vanderbilt: $55,000
Georgetown: $150,000 (I posted it incorrectly before)
University of Michigan: $70,000!!!

So.... at just $15,000 more than Vanderbilt and $80,000 less than Georgetown, Michigan it is! Well, I still haven't heard back from Georgetown with their final scholarship offer, so this may still change. But unless they throw well over $100k at me (very unlikely), it's going to be UMich.!


Also move together do not put yourself in a situation where she will come at a later undefined point while you deal with the rigors of law school. Maybe your relationship is different, but I never saw the long-distance relationship end well for any of my law school classmates.

My fiance actually has another year left in her masters program here in Miami, so she would not be able to move with me until after my second semester finals/law review competition. We are looking into her potentially transferring for her last year, but it looks like it may not be possible at this point in her program. As of right now, she will join me wherever I go for my 1L summer (more than likely Miami) and then move up to Ann Arbor (or D.C.) with me for my second and third year.

But you bring up really strong points. We really need to be on the exact same page and have clear expectations laid out.

Thank you all!


Hi CityLaw. Thank you for the very well though-out analysis!

Let me give you some more information that may help clarify a few things.

My fiancÚ will be moving wherever I go sometime within my first year. We have over four years long distance already under our belts, so a few months really is old hat. Also, depending on where it is we decide to go, she will be able to transfer within her company. She has already spoken with her employer and they support her 100%. Her company has offices in Ann Arbor and Washington DC, however, not in Nashville. Finally, we have an extremely strong network of friends and contacts in Nashville which will offer both of us a strong source of support. Of the three cities, we both love Nashville the most. Of the three law schools, we both love Michigan the most (student body, the "feel" of it, etc.).

Also, I already have several contacts to law firms and businesses in Miami. All of them, from smaller law firms to big ones, have encouraged me to go for one of these top schools. These are hiring partners that went to Miami, UF, and up to Harvard. Some of them have even hinted that, assuming I go to one of these top schools, they may be interested in at least taking me up for paid summer work.

As for staying in South Florida: If I was going to do this for the location and family, UF and FSU are off the table. From this perspective, the only schools worth it are Miami and FIU. Miami, as I noted in my above post, was going to cost too much money with too risky of a stipulation (not to mention for basically the same employment opportunities) in relation to FIU, so I withdrew. FIU's decision was much more difficult. In the end, we wanted the best chances for the best opportunity after law school. We are more than happy to live and work outside of Florida if we can't find solid work down here. FIU, in comparison to UMichigan for example, is just too limiting to work within Miami. FIU and UMichigan just don't compare in this regard. As far as the social factor, we are both more than okay with living away from our families, we would just prefer to live closer to them after law school if at all possible. Moreover, my fiance has expressed (several times) that she would like to live outside of Miami for the experience (she has never lived anywhere else). If we picked FIU, we would pretty much be here until retirement. Hah!

In the end, this is all moot because I already withdrew my application from FIU as well. Unless I withdraw my application from all the other schools and just start over next cycle, this option is pretty much off the table.

So in sum, it really is between UMichigan, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown.

Any more thoughts given the above is greatly appreciated. Note that I should hear back today or tomorrow regarding aid.

75k is lot of scratch and for me, personally, that would be the deciding factor. But you need to do what's right for you, and maybe the mythical siren's song of Ann Arbor is just too powerful!

Bah! My thoughts exactly!

Thank you both for the above information! I really appreciate your perspectives in helping me decide.

If I can get it, I am certainly interested in at least starting my career in a large law firm in Miami (I have a few hiring partner contacts at the big ones). If not, I am also very interested in mid-sized law firms specializing in intellectual property or even working (eventually) as an in-house counsel.

Miami88, I did look at the repayment program, however, I am skeptical of it. I am not fully confident of its long term stability (10-25 years) given the current political climate. That is not to say anything bad about Michigan's program, I just don't see the validity of significantly founding my decision on the merits of a potential "conditional" scholarship (as you put it) that may very well be gone by the time I graduate or shortly thereafter. As of right now, their repayment program is a tie-breaker at best.

Maintain FL 350, I received a 2/3 tuition scholarship from University of Miami with the condition that I remain in the top half of my class. I tried to get more money or, at the very least, removal of the condition based on my other offers (which were the same amount of aid with no conditions from top 20 schools), however, they basically (and, sadly, somewhat smugly) said no. I in turn withdrew my application. I already have plenty of ties, education, and a few years of work experience in Miami, so I am not overly worried of trying to "break into the region/market."

My main goal is simply to have a solid, reliable job somewhere in south florida (where my family lives and my fiancÚ's family lives) without having to constantly worry about money. Michigan seems to have the best cache (as Maintain FL 350 put it) and may help open the most doors. I am also extremely impressed by their cooperative student body (as you said Miami88). But I'm still not sold on it being worth the extra $75,000. I am hoping they come through with aid, otherwise it might be Vanderbilt.

Any other thoughts?

I am still waiting on the final call for financial aid from michigan and georgetown, so the debt may change. I am legitimately torn between the three. However, as of right now, I am leaning more towards UMichigan > Vanderbilt > Georgtown.

I want to practice somewhere in south florida. I am born and raised in south florida, have a degree from UMiami, have family/personal connections to several law firms in the area, am hispanic, and speak spanish. I am also engaged, so I am a little bit debt-adverse.

Ideally, based on my background, I would like to focus on international copyrights/trademarks, transactions, and/or corporate law.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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