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Law School Admissions / Re: Low GPA Questions
« on: March 29, 2014, 04:41:11 PM »
Thank you for your advice! As for the legal career, I'm not sure. I know I'm interested and good at retaining this kind of information. I took a business law class and found it to be really interesting. Other than that, I have only been taking Econ classes, as that is my major.

I know I am for sure going to be taking all the courses in order to be CPA certified, as well as working towards a project management certification. Not sure about the paralegal yet but I'm leaning towards it.

Law School Admissions / Low GPA Questions
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:52:57 PM »
Hey Everyone!

I'm new to this site. Anyways, I plan on practicing law in California. I realize California has one of the hardest Bar exams. However, my undergraduate GPA is low. I'm a senior at UC Davis right now, and I'm in my last quarter. I'm estimating my LSAC GPA to be around 2.5. I took the LSAT in December 2012 and got a 150. However, I didn't really study for the LSAT so I know I can do much better. Let's just say I've finally realized this past quarter that I can get good grades (my quarter GPA was a 3.6) and that I just need to apply myself.

So here's my plan. I know I've screwed up but I have the brains to get a 4.0 this next quarter and am planning on enrolling in one summer session before I actually get my degree. That's another 24 quarter units. I plan on working for the next 2 years at least to show that I'm more than my low GPA, and also want to get my paralegal certification and CPA certification. I'm planning on re-enrolling in community college to finish the courses required to do this. I am going to take the LSAT again as I am not applying to law school until 2016.

Here's my question -- one of my friends said you don't necessarily need to be a certified paralegal to work at a law firm. She currently works as one; and doesn't have her certification. However, I've been trolling job descriptions and most of them do require you to be a paralegal. Also it seems it'll take me at least a year to finish these certifications and based on the class times for the community college I'm looking at right now; it's not viable for me to have a job at the same time. So this next year after I graduate I'll probably spend at community college and possibly an unpaid part-time internship. Do you think all this will help me? What are other tips you have for me?

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