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Law School Admissions / New to this 155 LSAT 2.82 GPA, Biology Major
« on: January 06, 2014, 01:57:48 PM »
I am a recent graduate from a small liberal arts college. I studied Biology and a few months after graduating this past May I developed a strong interest in Law, which eventually lead me to gain interest in intellectual property. I plan on taking the Patent Agent exam by this summer.

I immediately acquired a job at an IP firm as a legal assistant/paralegal and shortly after signed up for the December LSAT with just over a month to prepare. Long story short, a new job and studying didn't turn out to be the best way to prepare for the exam. I am seeking advice in where I should apply for fall admission. I am looking at evening programs and I am really favoring St. Johns right now, I would appreciate feedback and advice as well as suggestions on part-time programs I should look at. I want to stay in NYC because I support my mother and my younger sister financially, and its also why I am looking at part time programs.

My GPA is low because my first 1.5 years of college were terrible due to crazy family circumstances, I am the oldest of five and first generation, and I play a huge part at home.  I went up the last 2.5 years and finished strong with some challenging semesters, sometimes juggling up to 4 lab courses on top of research and being a teachers assistant. Further my major grades were mostly As and Bs, only 1 C. Not sure how to calculate this GPA. I have a ton of biology research experience took crazy labs, and I also had a full scholarship in college.

So with a 155 LSAT and a 2.82 cumulative GPA...

Any advice on how I should proceed? Sorry I have no idea how to properly post on these sites

I appreciate all the help :) :) :) :)

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