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Thank you for the advice Miami88.

WIth regards to the grades thing, my drug problem started after my sophomore year. Prior to my addiction, my grades were A's and an occasional B; after they were A's, B's and C's; and after finally sobering up, I received a 3.7 my first semester while taking Biochemistry, Clinical Neuroscience, Endocrinology and one BS elective. The biggest issue I had wasn't difficulty in courses, in fact I have never gotten below an A in a class where I have actually wanted to get an A and was willing to put 2-3 hours/week into it; rather my issue was in the fact that I just didn't care about anything. I would never go to class. I'd rarely study for tests, but I would do enough in order to still maintain just above a 3.0. I was an addict, but I was still sensible.

As for the LSAT, I intend on taking the exam in June and studying 5-10 hours/week for the next 4 months and then putting in a solid 5-hours/day come May/June. I understand the practice tests aren't reflective of your actual score because of test taking conditions and mental stress etc however I never been one to actually get bad test anxiety. I always think through things very logically and hedge my emotions. On standardized tests I understand that there is always another opportunity to take the exam and being under stress achieves nothing which leaves me calm and confused as to why everybody panics as though their mother's life depended on said exam... Let's hope I didn't jinx myself.

I made a huge mistake for the past 4 years and have just wasted time in college with the intention of pursuing a career in the sciences only to regret said decision. It took me a long time to realize that I want to pursue a career in law and I am currently fighting an uphill battle, however I would like to go to a T14 law School.

LSAT practice scores without any prep/self-study: 173, 175, 173.

I am curious as to whether I have a shot at any of the top Law schools with my GPA and a 173+ LSAT

My ECs are:
Work in a Hospital
Research Assistant in Lab
Teaching Assistant - 2 different courses for multiple semesters
Investment Club - Pharma/Biotech analyst
Microbiology Club - Member
Well over 300 hours of community service - Various organizations
Positions within my Fraternity
Taught at local elementary schools on many different occaPsions

I have recently applied for graduation however I was contemplating postponing graduating until the end of the Summer (or even Fall) in order to take 8 classes between now and then and get A's in all of them in hopes of bringing my GPA up to a 3.4+, I believe it is very possible that I can get a 3.4 after this semester with straight A's.

I intend on applying to every T14 par Virginia.

I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning in my appendum but I dealt with a very bad drug problem in the middle of my college career and completely turned my life around without seeking outside help and have been sober for 9 months

My dream school has always been Columbia and would be willing to ED. Money is not an issue for me.

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