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I seriously don't even know what you're talking about, it seems you have some reading comprehension issues.  You most certainly have some attitude issues.

I'm not crying and I don't advocate anyone dropping out of law school, first or last semester.  I just wanted to give my opinion to people who are about to commit to law school.  It's a serious life choice and people should know what it's really like out there.  The situation is dire out there, for LEGAL JOBS.  No *&^% you can join the Army.  You can do that without law school and save a bunch of money.  But don't for a second think that someone will want to hire you after you just spent three years after law school doing nothing law-related.  How is that a good investment?

And I don't even understand why you're being so angry and obnoxious about it. 

bigs, I've always wanted to be a lawyer and I've really enjoyed studying law.  I also think I would love working as a lawyer, hence why I was willing to invest that kind of money into it.  The question is what do I do now that I am a lawyer.  True the economy will pick up, things will get better, but to rely on that is easier said than done.  And it's easier for someone who does have a job lined up.

Sir :)=, what part of "law grads aren't complaining because of lack of 160K jobs, they're complaining because there are no jobs PERIOD", don't you understand?  You talk about a 50K jobs as if they're all over the place out there, they aren't.  

And please tell me you're joking about dropping out last semester or even last year?  I honestly refuse to believe that someone who's about to graduate law school (?) actually thinks that's a reasonable solution.

What?  I'm graduating in less than a month.

It really isn't exaggerated.  Going to a law school that's not one of absolute best is a bad idea right now.  Unless you don't pay for any of it, or you have family or friends who'll give you a job.

Going to T2 and below school with 100K+ of expected debt is not smart, simple as that. 

The OP is a T14 3L, as am I. It's bad, but not for everyone. Myself and plenty of my friends have something lined up.

As for T2s, I am not qualified to opine, but I do hear it is horrendous.

I'm at T25 but I really can't imagine that we're doing much better than T2 folks.  And surely not EVERYONE is struggling to find a job, but MAJORITY of Class of '10.  There surely must be better ways to invest 150K than go to law school no?

I'm not going to delete your post, but I think you exaggerate just a bit.

It really isn't exaggerated.  Going to a law school that's not one of absolute best is a bad idea right now.  Unless you don't pay for any of it, or you have family or friends who'll give you a job. 

Going to T2 and below school with 100K+ of expected debt is not smart, simple as that.

General Board / Re: Is law school worth it?- Freaked Out!
« on: April 18, 2010, 01:20:30 PM »
Is it worth it?  I'd say, at least right now, it isn't.

I went to law school not because I didn't know what to do, or I thought it'd be a good way to spend my time, or not for any other reasons people tell you for which you shouldn't go to law school.  I went to law school because I wanted to be a lawyer and I've always wanted to go to law school.  If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it.

I don't think law school itself is that terrible.  Yeah, it's a lot of work.  Exam period is brutal, stressful and all the other things year hear people say.  But it's not impossible.  If you're not afraid of hard work you shouldn't be afraid of law school.  Besides, only the first year is really all that bad, you kinda learn the 'trade' sort of speak in your second and third years.

However it's the aftermath that made me wish I hadn't gone to law school.  I'm graduating from a T25 school, I'm doing ok grade wise (not top 10%, not bottom half) but I have no clue what I'll be doing once I graduate.  The job market is seriously sad and depressing.  It's all true what people say about the oversaturated market, lack of work, bleak outlook for the future.  It's that and worse.  I have friends who are on Law Journal, top of the class, who don't have jobs either.  In fact probably less than half of the graduating class has jobs lined up, and this is a fairly good school I'm talking about.  Unfortunately for me too, I have quite a bit of debt from law school, makes the urgency of getting a job even more real.  And I'm not even talking about not being able to get 'big law' or 'mid law' jobs, I'm talking ANY jobs.  People often say, well you can always do public service work, non-profit, good luck with that.  

It really is all about connections.  If you have family members, friends, etc who can get you a job, then by all means go to law school.  If you can get a full scholarship for all three years, go to law school.  If not, I strongly advise against it.  It really is awful out there right now.  All the negative information is not just 'anecdotes' it really is bad.  Now it's true I don't know how things will be in three years when you're ready to graduate.  Nobody knows, but considering the number of lawyers out of work right now, three years is not that long a time period.

Is the full scholarship guaranteed for three years?  If so, go to Brooklyn without a doubt.  The ranking really doesn't matter as much in that range.  The way the current market is, who knows what it'll be like in three years, the less debt you graduate with will give you more option than the school from which you graduate.

Are those amounts conditional on staying in top x percentile?  It may be more difficult to keep, especially if all those rumors about all the scholarships being put in one section are true.

There really isn't that much of a difference between the two no matter what anyone says.  If you do well, you'll be in a good position to have a chance to land a job from either.  If you don't do well, you won't get any further just because you went to Cardozo as oppose to Brooklyn.  Go to the one that will leave you with a smaller debt.

Transferring / From NY T2 to Emory or GW?
« on: July 23, 2008, 09:28:57 AM »
I'm top 15% with a secondary journal at a T2 NY school, have a chance to go to either Emory or GW and can't seem to decide what to do.  I want to do big law right now if I can, so I'm looking for a school that will give me the best chance now and hopefully down the road as well.  I'd like to practice in NY, but really anything on the East Coast is fine.  So is it worth it to leave what I have here for a possibility of something better in either of those schools?


Transferring / Re: Transfering options from 50-60 school...
« on: January 30, 2008, 11:59:43 AM »
Thank you so much.  I am definitely going to look into my transfering options.

I did look at the other threads (have been for the last two weeks, lol).  But just curious, what if I'm able to sneak my way into top 10%? 

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