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General Off-Topic Board / Re: madprops vs. darkwing
« on: March 10, 2007, 09:17:54 PM »
awesome.  so i take it you're still in MA?  i hear it's below zero there right now...and here it's in the 80s...but i still miss it :-\

General Off-Topic Board / Re: madprops vs. darkwing
« on: March 09, 2007, 05:57:51 PM »
really??  that's awesome!  did u not go anywhere this past fall?  or are you transferring?  i thought u were going to wisconsin...but michigan is AWESOME!  wow.  yea i never go on here anymore, but i got really bored in property last week sooo...anyways, hit me up on aim so we can catch up!

General Off-Topic Board / Re: madprops vs. darkwing
« on: March 07, 2007, 06:56:00 PM »
im doing good:)  figured id check in on you guys since it's been such a long time...oh, and florida is burnt already, and it's early march:)  how bout you?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: madprops vs. darkwing
« on: March 06, 2007, 06:04:10 PM »
this thread so cannot be was a magical moment in time that can never be recaptured

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UF vs. FSU
« on: March 06, 2007, 03:34:50 PM »
As a 1L at FSU, I'm probably biased, but as an out-of-stater I think I'm less biased than most.  A lot of my classmates went to UF for undergrad, applied there for law school, and were accepted but chose to come to FSU.  I have asked most of them why considering UF's higher ranking.  They all say basically the same thing:  the administration is not very friendly, the atmosphere is pretty cut throat for a non top 25 school which is dropping in the rankings and their admissions criterion.  Maybe that's your thing.  I'm from Boston and I plan on going back after I graduate.  That being said, placement for either of the schools outside of the southeast isn't all that great.  I applied to FSU on a whim, and ended up here completely by chance.  Yes, I would rather be in school in Boston, but I am really enjoying my experience here.  I've never visited UFs campus or considered going there, but I've been pretty turned off by the whole "Gator superiority" thing.  I think that most people in FL have already formed opinions on both schools, which is why I think that an out-of-state perspective is less biased.  I love the professors, I love the administration, my classmates are great, and I feel like I have a say in my education and in changing things that I might not like or that I think need improvement.  This may or may not be important to you, but UF, by increasing its class size, is probably a school where you're way more likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Overall I feel that FSU is a school where the students care about their school and the school cares about us.  Obviously if you're torn between both you should DEFINITELY visit both, sit in on classes, talk to students, and try to figure out if you feel comfortable there.  1L year is intense, and being in a place you're not so happy is going to hurt your grades (which are extremely important 1L year) and make you miserable.  Good luck with whatever you decide...oh, and btw...GO NOLES!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 1L looking for a study break
« on: December 01, 2006, 08:16:11 AM »
1.  it is not crazy hot down here as we're in northern florida...most people say tallahassee is more like southern georgia tho.  when i got here in august, the heat was crazy...but it didn't last long.  it's the last week in november and we've still got 80 degree weather going on, which is's pleasant, but not crazy hot.  A/C in the classrooms is great.
2.  no presentations in front of the class besides the general socratic stuff.  mock trial competitions are coming up next semester, but they're not required.  maybe we'll get to presentations type stuff in legal writing next semester, but as of first semester i haven't run into it and none of my classmates have either.  trying out for mock trials is supposed to be a great experience, and i hear most people go for it just to see what it's like...haven't decided if i'm going to yet, but probably will.

ok i've got some easy questions for you...

is it crazy hot down there and how is the air conditioning (if any) in the classrooms?

have you had to do many, if any, presentations in front of class, profs or what not?  not solo answering questions but actually giving a speech or advocating in a moot court or some such thing?  if so, how was that experience?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 1L looking for a study break
« on: November 30, 2006, 06:48:21 PM »
ego - no prob

Little D - I'm sure i'll get to that point soon enough.  Next semester the novelty will probably have worn off and by 2L I'll be ready to be out.  Where do you go?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 1L looking for a study break
« on: November 30, 2006, 03:39:44 PM »
beer came last night:)  i had a lot of questions when i was applying last year, so i figured why not try to help.  i dont mind talking about law school...i mean, ive been living it for 3 months now.

why do people want to talk about law school when they are taking a break from studying?  I've never had the yes, law school talk not so much

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 1L looking for a study break
« on: November 30, 2006, 03:35:06 PM »
The facilities are really good.  First off, the law school building is in its own little corner of campus, across from the civic center.  The library is nice, student lounge is where a lot of people hang out and get work done (if they don't mind chatting going on around them).  Classrooms are up to date...actually they built some new ones last year i think.  we have access to the facilities on the ug campus though, and the best perk is the Leach Center...full gym, indoor track, indoor pool, 3 floors of's just great... and every student get's 8 free personal training sessions a semester (which i havent taken advantage of yet but plan on it).  library is never really full...though it has been more busy lately since exams are coming up.  im trying to avoid it right now as a lot of people are getting sick with colds and i think part of it is from all of them breathing the same library air, but that's just a theory.
-As far as how successful 1Ls are at getting summer jobs, i don't really know yet as the whole interviewing and job search process for summer associate positions hasn't really gotten underway.  Also I'm doing study abroad and travelling this summer so I'm not going to be looking.  Some of my friends are frustrated with the placement office...but we've only been allowed to meet with the placement people for a month (ABA rules say 1Ls can't do placement stuff till after Nov. 1)
-There are A LOT of people here who went to UF ug.  we talk about it a lot, and why they didn't go there for law school.  for the most part they didn't like uf law's atmosphere.  they're all really happy least i haven't heard anyone complaining that they wished they had gone somewhere else.  the uf people are all cool and i think they outnumber the fsu undergrads too, but don't quote me on that.
- the profs are really approachable, and definitely one of the most positive aspects of the school.  i only have one professor that i can complain about, and he's new and won't be coming back after this year.  my civ pro professor wrote the textbook, my contracts professor is just amazing, torts prof knows her stuff solid, and my legal writing prof is very very approachable and always wants to know how we are doing outside of school...she definitely helped with the adjustment.

What are the facilities at FSU like? 
How successful are 1Ls at getting summer jobs? 
Do you know if the people who went to UF UG like FSU's law program?
Are the profs approachable?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 1L looking for a study break
« on: November 30, 2006, 07:00:09 AM »
Alright, one thing at a time...
1.  student body - awesome.  i really enjoy the atmosphere.  it's laid back, but competitive because we know we have the curve to deal with.  everyone is really helpful.  if you miss a class, people usually approach you the next day to see if you need notes, or they email you to ask. 
2.  the town - culture shock...yes, there is culture shock coming from boston.  first off, people down here suck at driving (and this is from a boston driver so take it however you want).  it feels like a small town, but it has most of the stuff i'd expect a city to have (2 malls, huge movie theater, good amount of bars and restaurants, best buy and target).  i've got to add, though, that a lot of places are crawling with undergrads, which can be positive or negative depending on what you're looking for.
3.  general impressions - tallahassee had to grow on me.  i'm not going to lie, after a couple of days down here i was researching i'm determined to stay because i really like it.  i will definitely be going back to boston after, though.
4.  placement in atlanta - supposed to be REALLY really good.  if that's where you want to end up, you won't have a problem here.  a lot of the OCIs are from atlanta.
5.  placement elsewhere (outside the southeast) - going to be difficult, but im gonna work my ass off to get back to boston.
6.  state capital - a lot of the fl supreme court justices stop by, which is awesome.  there are a lot of gov't opportunities too.
7.  i think it might give you a leg up if you get a really good clerkship, but i don't think the location overall makes that much of a difference.
8.  in-state tuition - ok, this is the word right now...people who came in this year as 1Ls (like me) are going to be able to get in-state for 2L and 3L.  there's a rumor that the gov't is trying to make it hard for people coming in starting fall 2007 to get it, but im not 100% on the details of that.  in-state tuition is going to be an amazing advantage, but even if you're paying out of state, it's still less than a lot of private schools elsewhere (like the northeast which is where i was looking)
9.  6-6 season -  the kids who went to fsu ug are pretty pissed.  the kids who went to uf think it's hilarious.  you'd probably hear more about it on the ug campus, but it is a topic that comes up a lot around here.

I have some questions...

How do you like the school?  What do you think of the student body?  How do you like the town?  I'm not from Florida either (Ohio) and while I am not expecting a culture shock, I realize it will be different.  Any other general impressions?

I'm interested in eventually placing in Atlanta.  Do you know if that is a good possibility if I were to attend FSU?  How does being in a state capital help as far as hands-on experience available...and does that give you a leg up against other schools in any way?  Is in-state tuition difficult to get for 2L?

How is everybody taking a 6-6 season?

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