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Current Law Students / Re: LSD Needs to Modernize Site
« on: September 04, 2013, 12:39:30 PM »
The LSD owners are out of reach?  I see a few advertisements which could mean someone is around.  Are there any moderators on-board? 

What is the LSD history?  Did this site once have hundreds of posters and then it dwindled down or was it always visited by just a small handful of posters?  Was there once a fair amount of advertisers? 

I was over at TLS today.  Someone was happy about landing an offer and was immediately thrashed by the board admins for bragging….too unreal.  To me it seems like the TLS the owner tossed the keys to a nice site to some unemployable admins who sit at their keyboards all day (many with +30,000 posts…which greatly accounts for the high post activity).  However, I will say that it is not unusual that +300 posters are on-line. 

You all probably know all of that.  Just saying, if there is a way to update LSD, there is a need. 

Current Law Students / LSD Needs to Modernize Site
« on: September 02, 2013, 10:33:50 AM »
I wish LSD would upgrade the boards to something similar to other popular sites (including TLS).  Make LSD easier to maneuver around.  It would be nice if LSD would offer a rundown of the schools.  I think one attraction of TLS is their school rundown, although many of their school profiles have not been updated in years. 

I won’t go on a rant why TLS has gone into the crapper, but the short of it is, their owner became successful in CA and has basically turned the place over to board admins who are unemployable and against anyone happy with their law school outcome.  It’s a mess.  Because of this, and other factors, TLS has basically cut itself off from advertisers.  So the opportunity for LSD to be the prime law discussion forum (and one that would attract advertisers) is available. 

I do not know what expense is involved to set up an attractive and easy to maneuver site, but if it doable, the need is here.  Rebranding this site with good admins would easily make LSD the top choice. 

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