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Job Search / Re: Prospects
« on: July 06, 2008, 09:52:31 PM »
Your school should provide a list of firms that interview at your school and top 10% should put you in a position to get interviews at most of those firms. If firms in "real" markets do not interview at your school, consider contacting those firms directly for interviews especially any firms with alum from your school. As a last resort, you could transfer to a school in a "real" market but it is now pretty late for that. IMO your prospects for entering "real" markets are best in CA and TX. Hence, Dallas and Houston are probably options. Again, check with your school for less speculative information.

Job Search / Re: 3.267 at nyu...need help
« on: June 14, 2008, 09:47:12 AM »
Out of curiosity, what is the GPA breakdown at NYU? It seems like 3.3+ is top 1/3 and 3.0-3.3 represents practically everyone else. But what about top 25%, 20%, 10%, etc. I recognize that NYU does not provide this information to benefit its students, but I'm interested nonetheless. Also, how significantly does the GPA breakdown change after 2L year?

  And, most 1 year BIGLAW associate positions hover around $125K or so I believe.  Then odds get even slimmer... 

Market rate at BIGLAW is $160 + bonus. $125 is the rate from a few years back.

Wow though, I am sure that guy in the onion article is enjoying his life now but just wait until he gets older, doesn't have a band, has no money, the girl leaves him, can't pay any medical bills he might have, is deep in debt and can expect to work until he dies. He is pretty much destroying any chance he has at a decent future. And 8.54/hour?! I made almost that in high school doing some 15 hours/week job. There are also plenty of jobs that pay twice what he's making and he could still surf the web most of the day too, what an idiot, he is getting royally screwed.

Plex: unaware that The Onion is a satirical newspaper or
Plex: ironically critiquing the article for comic effect?

work is fun anyway.

Not if your real life is more fun. :(

Looks like you chose the wrong profession. I've heard that temp work is the way to go for someone whose real life is already fun and satisfying.


are you doing temp work this summer NYC2LMan?  Also, do they make temp work track jackets?

No. I was rejected by all the prestigious temp agencies and I didn't want to settle for anything outside of the "T"10. And, yes, all the top agencies have track jackets. Doesn't your law firm/law school have them? I'll bet if you ask your Dean of Students really nicely, she/he will see to it that they are available.

work is fun anyway.

Not if your real life is more fun. :(

Looks like you chose the wrong profession. I've heard that temp work is the way to go for someone whose real life is already fun and satisfying.

Job Search / Re: Bidding - Which markets are easier to break?
« on: May 10, 2008, 10:43:46 AM »
"NY BIGLAW makes me want to vomit"

You will be sorely disappointed if you expect LA, DC, Chicago or any other BIGLAW for that matter to be notably different from NY BIGLAW.


I interviewed in LA, DC, Boston and NY. A firm will pretty much buy any rational reason for your desire to work in one of these markets (I cannot speak for Chicago). I lived in New England for a few years (15 years ago) and told Boston firms that I wanted to return. I went to college in the West (not CA) and told California firms that I preferred the western lifestyle. Finally, I told DC firms that I was interested in politics and government. I wasn't lying. All of these things are true, albeit somewhat exaggerated for persuasive effect.

So I am reviewing for my civ pro final and I am still a bit confused about long arm statutes and when they are needed to establish PJ over non-residents. My professor says that even when there is minimum contacts and fairness/reasonableness satisfied you still need to see if the state's long arm statutes would reach the D, is this true? Also, my professor said that even when non-resident D is in the state voluntarily (i.e. like Burnham) and he has been served, you still have to consider the long arm statute. Is this correct? Thanks.

The deal with long-arm statutes is that states can reach to the full extent of due process but they don’t have to. In other words, a state could require a greater degree of contacts to justify hauling a party into court than is required by due process.

The second statement is correct. Again, a state long arm statute could say that mere presence is not sufficient to establish jurisdiction. Instead, the state could require something more, like that the action occurred in the state or that the party conducts business within the state, etc.

The following is an excerpt from my civ pro outline on long arm statutes:

A.   Jurisdiction Statutes
     a.   Falls within terms of state statute
             i.   Gary – defined tortious as where injury occurs (broad)
            ii.   Feathers – defined tortious as where act took place (narrow)
                     1.   Gust – claim arising out of transaction for truck held not covered by    long-arm statute b/c D did not conduct business in state nor was tortious act committed in state
     b.   Jurisdiction constitutional – D establish significant relationship with forum
             i.   Domicile, in-state presence, continuous and substantial business in the state, consent, or minimum contacts with the state that gave rise to the claim in suit

Transferring / Re: What do you need to transfer to these schools?
« on: May 02, 2008, 02:14:15 PM »
Top 5-10%

Check out the databases on for more specific information.

I would take the bet if I were compensated for the correlation between LSAT/GPA and law school performance, which, of course, supports your point that law school success is not entirely random in the aggregate. I do not disagree with that. Since we agree that on an individual basis success cannot be predicted, there is nothing more to do but wish you good luck.

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