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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: seat deposit at 2 schools?
« on: March 30, 2008, 11:04:35 AM »
I live out of state and can't visit schools until after the deposits are due. I have limited it down to two schools, but I can't decide without seeing them both and don't want to lose my place at either one. Could they really revoke the acceptance?

Thanks for taking questions!! I hope Pepperdine is giving you a commission. :)

I got accepted to Pepperdine and I am VERY excited about it and going to the open house in two weeks. I know that it is a Christian university and I am not Christian. Would I be shunned for that? I have a friend who went to Pepperdine for undergrad and had a negative view on politics and religion being forced down their throats. Is that the case in the law school?

Also, do you/have you ever lived in on campus housing? Are the rules about no alcohol/members of the opposite sex enforced. I'm not an alcoholic whore or anything, but I'm 22, can I really not have alcohol in my apartment? Living across from campus would be quite nice though. Do you recommend on campus housing?

Last question, how many hours a week do you REALLY spend studying/preparing for class?

Thanks for the input!!
I had a 162 LSAT and 3.4 GPA. I also applied to Loyola and Santa Clara and haven't heard back yet but deposits are due in two weeks. I had my application finished at the end of January, but took the February LSAT so it wasn't complete until the middle of March and I heard a week later from both of them. What were yours? Good Luck!

I'm visiting both schools in two weeks. Hopefully I'll get a magical sign from one of them. 

I got into Southwestern and Chapman with full tuition scholarship and Pepperdine half off and I can't decide where to go! I want to do the Dispute Resolution program at Pepperdine, but can I turn down free tuition? What difference would the three really make in terms of job prospects? And is Pepperdine really as conservative as they lead on? Is it true that there are no boys in the girls housing? Would I be shunned for my lack of Christianity?
Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm stumped!

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