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Hi, I am applying to law schools soon and have some questions.

When I entered college I was initially a premed, and so the first two years of college I took a lot of science classes. However, the last two years I took more political science and history related courses. I still have an interest in science, especially biology. So basically when I graduate college I have majored in political science minored in biology. I know its a weird combination.

Anyways, how will law schools view this? Will they take the science courses I took into consideration or will they basically ignore those courses?

*Also I have another question. I know someone who is pre-med and majoring in biochemistry. He has taken predominantly science classes throughout college, besides some GED. However, besides taking the MCAT, he took the LSAT. He is applying to colleges for a dual MD/JD program. How will law school admission people view this? He barely has any humanities or anything besides biology and chem classes.

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