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Hello all!
This might be a bit of a silly question but

There are certain school applications that are asking for me to disclose information that is already on my Resume
For example, some ask for: List all awards, honors, scholarships, etc, that you've received.
Most of these questions are not required so I can skip them but at the same time I like my applications looking neat and completely filled out.
Is it better for me to leave them blank or no if such information will be supplied on the Resume? For some of these applications the resume is optional, for some it's required.
This is a "Will it look good cause it means I took time to fill everything out" or "I'm repetitive and can't think critically,I could've left them blank"

No problem for the info. Thats what boards like these are for!

So, instead of taking an anonymous internet poster's word, check out all the employment statistics for the schools you are interested in (as well as some that you may be skeptical about). Be sure to take note of the % of students that have submitted info, high/low range, bar passage rate, regional placement, etc. Also take a look at how much debt you will have to take on and compare it with what your realistic salary would be. Is this debt manageable given your lifestyle or will you be in debt through retirement?

That's a solid advice but would you mind pointing me to the websites that provide all of this information? I'm sorry for so many questions, I just feel so lost right now and don't have anyone in real life to help me out and I still feel very much like a foreigner when it comes to such things :-\

thank you for your input! FIU does have great in-state tuition but I'm not from Florida so my tuition will be waay higher than living expenses - I doubt Miami is cheap. Hopefully my 156 will quality me for some scholarships and I'm planning on making Florida my home state anyway and become a resident as soon as possile.

I have no idea why I'm concerned with ranking...I think it's mostly because that's all I ever hear about from other 0Ls even though I know I'm bound to receive the same education in almost every accredited law school. Maybe it's because I think I'll have a better chance at landing a decent job when I graduate if I'm coming from a somewhat reputable school. Is this even true or I'm misinformed?

But thank you so much for all of your input, it's greatly appreciated.

Hello everyone! I'm currently a senior Sociology major, graduating this Spring with plans on attending law school on the East Coast cause I'm very attached to it.
I'm almost 100% positive that I'll graduating with a 3.7 but I already sent in my transcript to LSAC that demonstrates I have a 3.5 GPA. Had a rocky start as a freshman Biochem student and it took me 2 years to realize that my true calling was sociology so my grades were straight As from the end of my sophomore year.
I did poorly on the June LSAT, only scoring 151 but that's because I didn't study + English being my second language.
My scores went up 5 points in October (156) though that's disappointing as well because I scored in mid 160s during PTs and once again, I miscalculated the amount of time I'd have to prep for the October test.

My top choices are University of Florida, Florida State, and University of Maryland.
While I know that they're somewhat out of my league numbers wise, I'm hoping my resume + unique background might have them reconsider. I have very strong personal/diversity statements. I'm URM even among URMs if that makes sense...Moved to a rural part of West Virginia from Central Asia only 7.5 years ago and spoke no English. My small high school didn't even have an ESL program so I had to teach myself English.
So my question is - if those three options fall through, what are my other choices around the East Coast? The milder the winters, the better.
I'm struggling because I don't want to underestimate or overestimate myself. I don't want to apply to lower-ranked schools when there might be a possibility of some Top40 or Top50 school accepting me. I don't want to settle but at the same time I don't want to apply to schools where my chances are slim to none and shoot myself in the leg with lack of choice.

All of your opinions will be greatly appreciated!

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