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You said you were accepted into the part-time program at Chapman, how did you receive notification?  Also, on you "check status page" on Chapman Law website what does your status say?  Just curious, trying to figure out if I was accepted or not.


Status Checker changed to "Decision rendered", and I received a big envelope via snail mail.

I was admitted yesterday. Was on the waitlist since early January. However, I am part time as well, but I emailed with the admissions advisor, and she said that (with Dean's approval) you could switch to full time after the first year.

Is there any chance I will get some money from Chapman? Supposedly I will receive info in regards to any scholarships some time soon. I already accepted Western State with 20K and the whole perks of getting special lunches with the dean and everything as well as full time, so I am in somewhat of a pickle...

Any suggestions?

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