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When should I contact attorneys to thank them after callback interview?  By email or snail mail?  Any other tips about my thank you note?  Thanks a lot and good luck guys.

Job Search / Re: Questions at callback
« on: August 23, 2009, 11:39:10 AM »
tag. this is a great question

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Stetson vs University of Miami
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:43:03 PM »
This isnt even close.  Miami is a school that has recognition all over the country, and internationally as well.  I had never even heard of Stetson until I started applying to law school.  Miami is probably a better degree to have in Tampa as well simply because the students from UM are objectively more qualified to begin legal study.  If you go to Stetson, be prepared to have to explain where it is if you are not living in Tampa.  Which sounds better?

"I went to Stetson.  It is in central Florida right outside of Tampa."


"I went to the University of Miami."

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Stetson vs University of Miami
« on: June 01, 2009, 02:43:52 PM »
Give me a break; the Tampa area doesn't beat Miami in anything.  Stop selectively looking for statistics that common sense renders rediculous.

Samford's rank being above St. Thomas is immaterial.  The answer to your question is neither.  You will not get a job coming from either school.  Please keep in mind I am not trying to be mean, but grads from schools MUCH better than both (such as myself) cannot find jobs.  Nowadays, 50,000 lawyers graduate every year.  Why would an employer hire a Samford or St. Thomas grad if there are thousands of more qualified grads than you in every state in the country.  Any firm at any given time has at least 50 resumes at their disposal and an online database with thousands.  St. Thomas or Samford grads will NEVER stick out in such a volume of resumes.  This is quite sensible; if you were running a firm wouldn't you want a grad from one of the 150 schools that are better than Samford?  Don't make the mistakes that thousands of grads are making, who pay 100k for a degree and end up becoming a realtor or mortgage broker.

Current Law Students / Re: St Thomas University Miami
« on: May 29, 2009, 08:48:51 AM »
Getting rejected from St. Thomas would be the best thing that ever happened to you guys.  Alumni from the University of Miami are finding it extremely difficult to find a job (not just in this economy but for the last 15 years).  Where do you think that leaves St. Thomas grads?  I heard all of this garbage I'm saying to you at your point in the admissions process and disregarded it.  I am top 40% at a MUCH better school than St. Thomas and I wish I would have gone into something that is favorable to more than just grads from the elite schools.  I am a nice person and I am not trying to get you guys down; people say this stuff to you for a reason.  Most grads from lowly law schools end up making their money as a realtor and now there isn't even that opportunity.  If you really want to be a lawyer but you cannot do better on the LSAT, I recommend you bite the bullet and pull out.  Remember, I was in your position.  I know it is hard to tell family and friends that you have changed your mind but that will seem like a small price to pay in a couple of years.  Learn from my mistake instead of going to a school that employers know are a "for profit" business.   

THey are not both great schools. I am a student at U Miami Law and can not recommend the school to anyone else. Miami has few clinical opportunities, poor student to faculty ratio, a disinterested administration, a weak career placement center, and a reputation of unmotivated students. I turned down much better schools to attend U Miami because of a good scholarship offer, that was a mistake.

Vent, drop-out, vent...

Ninja.. no disrespect, but you are from across the country as you eluded to in previous posts.  Why are you weighing in on this?  I am from Miami and have been making business moves downtown here for 15 years.  Have you ever been here?  VJM, same question.  If you want to appreciate the UM stranglehold on Miami, you just have to be here speaking with well-established professionals.  Book a flight if you're interested.

Ninja... do you even know what a flame is?

I wasn't using GT's donation as a complete explanation for UM's upper hand, but OP said he was interested in working in Miami and that is a prime example of what firms down there think of UM.  I was born and raised in Miami and if OP witnessed the high regard with which UM is discussed here, there wouldn't be a question.  Yes, UM dominates Miami.  Just like I'm sure UF dominates northern/central Florida.  And just like USD dominates San Diego.  We did not get into Georgetown or NYU people.  We are discussing regional schools here.  Miami firms are LOADED with UM grads who want to bring in more UM grads; that is how regional schools operate.  Learn it before you make your decision. 

I am sorry you are being misinformed by slaves to the US News rankings.  If you want to work in south Florida, UMiami is the only way to go.  Greenberg Traurig, the largest law firm in Florida and 7th largest firm in the WORLD, headquartered in Miami, just donated $1.5 million to UMiami.  They start employees $130k.  They obviously see something in UMiami.  Other South Florida firms are the same way; UM dominates south Florida.

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