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Law School Admissions / SMU Law Applicant- Chances of Getting in?
« on: June 24, 2013, 12:46:45 PM »
So here are my stats. Have a 3.8 in International Business and Energy Commerce, Minor in Spanish from Texas Tech University. Was President of my sorority, was a Business Ambassador of the Rawls College of Business, Congressional intern for Senator Cornyn, on Mortar Board (top 50 student seniors at University). Currently interning with President John F. Kennedy Commemorative Foundation helping plan the 50th Anniversary Event held in Dallas this November. Studied abroad 2 times during undergrad. I am considered a URM with Hispanic on my high school and college transcripts. My practice LSAT's are around a 153-155 but hoping to get it up to at least 160. I'll also have a rec from a prof that is also Hispanic and going to approach that angle. A rec from Senator Cornyn's office, and then also one from this internship (which several on the 50th Foundation are on the board at SMU or founding board). Are my chances looking up? I feel like they are, but am worried. SMU is really the only school I want to go to and am nervous about getting rejected! Any insight would be appreciated!

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