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Financial Aid / when does private loan info come out?
« on: July 19, 2008, 07:28:23 AM »
so there's been a hold up in processing loans at bc, or so the fin aid office tells me, and i'm not terribly worried about that but...when can i start applying for private loans? the mefa information for this year hasn't been released yet, i'm worried about covering my first tuition payment because i want to make sure the loan funds get here in time...what's a girl to do?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: BC LAW PEOPLE!
« on: May 22, 2008, 07:34:26 AM »
i totally should have given a better description of this my state of exhaustion, i was lazy. here you go:

The apartment is located at 12 Melvin Ave, right on the Brighton/Brookline line. As I mentioned, the place is right off Comm Ave, and right across the street from the Green Line, as well as having another Green Line stop about a five minute walk away. Behind us is Whole Foods, and if you want to know what else is around, I would suggest throwing the address into The rent is 1650 a month, split two ways, and this includes hot water and heat. Electricity, cable, and internet are our responsibilities. Just to be clear, to move in, we need to be able to sign a lease, and come up with first month's rent (which I have already put down twenty percent for), last month's rent, and a security deposit in the next thirty days, as the move-in date is JULY 1ST.

Other things - the apartment has two good-sized bedrooms (one is slightly bigger than the other, but doesn't have as good of a view/isn't as close to the bathroom), a decent kitchen with dishwasher, living room, and an open porch. The apartment is on the second floor and sadly, is not air-conditioned.

Incoming 1Ls / BC LAW PEOPLE!
« on: May 21, 2008, 05:41:27 PM »
okay everyone. here is the deal. i know people are on the housing hunt right now.

i had a roommate (not a bc person) who i thought was definitely in on this apartment. she flaked out on me, but i went ahead with the apartment assuming that one of you fine people might be interested, or someone might know someone who is looking, etc.

the apartment is a two bedroom right on the brighton/brookline line, off of comm ave and literally steps from the green line. we're also right across the street from whole foods. rent is 1650 a month, which includes hot water and heat (we need to pay for electricity and cable and internet and all that good stuff). move-in date is july 1st, because i have a job in boston this summer. ideally, i'd like to live with another female (sorry boys), someone who takes school seriously but takes partying seriously too. not that we'll be having raging parties at the apartment every night, but someone who likes to go out on weekends/doesn't mind being social. i also like to do things trashy tv and rent movies from netflix and read good books. i will rent movies for you on my netflix account. isn't that a good bribe?

other than that, no pets, i don't really care about smokers as long as the apartment doesn't reek, someone who is neat in common space (your room is your business) and the like.

PM me if you're interested or if you know someone else who might be!

Incoming 1Ls / apartment hunting in boston
« on: April 27, 2008, 05:23:02 PM »
okay, so i'm a baby who has never had to look for an apartment before on my own, and i don't know what the hell i'm doing. i have no idea whether to look for a broker, or not, or what a good price is for the areas that i want to live (allston, brighton, know).

my other issue: roommates. i am considering living with one or two friends who are not law students. the problem is, they are both on the job hunt and we all know how that can be. i already have several summer job interviews in the boston area. i live about forty five minutes south of boston, so i don't mind commuting for part of the summer, but i would love to move in july or so. problem is, i have to wait for these two ladies to figure their stuff out before they will agree to room with me. if they can't get jobs in boston, then it's a no-go. if i wait to look until the end of may, am i out of luck as far as a july 1st (or near that at least) move-in date? and does anyone want a roommate if my prospects fall through?  :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Boston College 2011
« on: April 10, 2008, 08:51:45 AM »
I'm a sneaky little bugger who went up to the FinAid office after I was done with my lunch, but before the following panel.

As for how informative the ASD was, I can't say that it really was. Most LSD-er's are information addicts who've probably heard all the employment info, etc. before.  The benefit for me came from seeing the campus, seeing the classrooms, the library, etc. Btw, you can take food or drink into the library as long as it's not "noisy or smelly."   So, I guess that means you probably shouldn't have a waiter bring you sizzling fajitas and curry to your desk.

As a side note, we had a mock class and admissions gave 10 names for the prof to randomly call on and drill.  Personally, I didn't even know there was something we were supposed to read until the night before.  If the second girl who got called on happens to be reading this -- I feel soooo sorry for you.  That was brutal.

no *&^% huh...that poor girl.

i applied in january, and bc was one of the first schools i got into in

i would be really interested to read it, though i can't promise prompt proofreading, as i have a pretty hectic schedule today...but if you want to send it along, i am interested to see what you have to say. good luck!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC vs. Money
« on: March 29, 2008, 05:32:54 AM »
Two questions if you don't mind answering:

How much more than BC were you being offered at the other schools?
And out of curiosity, What type of public interest law?

if you refer back to the beginning of the thread, i typed out my scholarship offers from other schools. a couple of schools also gave me small grants, but nothing significant. and i want to be a criminal prosecutor...i'm particularly interested in issues like sexual and domestic violence, and child abuse.

yeesh, okay, i won't bring her. but she is coming to happy hour afterwards. that i don't give a crap about...yah!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC vs. Money
« on: March 28, 2008, 08:01:51 PM »
after a lot of thought and conversations with my financial advisor...also known as my father...i think i'm going to stick with bc. i think it's the best fit for me, i will be happy there, i don't want to move south, and i will deal with the debt as i have to when the time comes. thanks guys!

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