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Is Michigan going to continue to take less and less in-state residents? Class of 2008: 24% in-state, 2009: 22%, 2010: 20%.  Any idea if this trend will continue?  It would definitely help Michigan in terms of its statistics.

It does seem like Boalt is overrated considering its scores.  However, I am happy to see Notre Dame take such a jump.  I always thought they were underrated.

What happened with Duke?  They feel below Northwestern and Virginia.  And can someone explain why changing the name jumped Boalt so much?  Also, it's funny that Georgetown is yet again 14th, for like the 10th years in a row.

Law School Applications / Is it cool to wear law t-shirts?
« on: February 27, 2008, 03:33:07 AM »
This is a serious question.  Are they considered cool to wear, for example, around campus?

For those currently at U of M, do students put their GPA and class rank on their resumes? I know this varies from school to school.

How is it that NYU is only $125,000? Any speculation?

 I was just wondering, what were your reasons for choosing Michigan over Columbia and NYU?  Was it mainly about the money?  Thanks

I would like to be sold on Tulane b/c I think I have a shot there and their reported starting salary is ridiculous.

Not to burst any bubbles, but I'd be careful how much trust I put in the self-reported salaries of most law schools.  Tulane is particularly problematic as they report their avg starting salary as something like $135,000 in US News (higher than many in the T14!) yet fail to mention that they only had ~20% respond and that this only deals with those entering the private sector.  Of course, any law school can manipulate the numbers, and Tulane is a respectable school, but things to keep in mind.

On Princeton Review their starting salary is listed as $88,500, which sounds much more accurate.

Does anyone know if the "Nob Hill" apartments are loud (i.e. student partying)? They are close to the central campus, so I was just concerned about the noise levels. Thanks

Law School Applications / Re: BC reject, Fordham defer
« on: December 31, 2007, 06:24:15 AM »
I must say I am also surprised by the BC reject and Fordham deferral. It seems like the 170 alone would get you into these two schools.  Your GPA is a little low but it's from a good school. Nonetheless, you have Georgetown (which is a great school) to fall back on if the rest of your cycle is unsatisfactory. Maybe some other people on these boards will have more insight into such an irregularity.

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