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Same for me. Just seems like our professors haven't put the material up yet. Presumably, they'll be up soon enough for us to get our assignments done.

After all, we haven't even been officially informed that our schedules are up yet, so they can't expect us to be checking the course sites yet anyway.

Section mate! Do you know if you are M or N? The difference is in the Legal Practice time slot.

No idea. How do you find that out?

Click on your Legal Practice section number on the schedule. Under "Class Notes," it will give your section letter.

As I said a page or two ago, I'm in M, so it's good to hear the positive reviews of our professors!

I'm in M! No Clark or Primus, but no 8:00 class!

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: UPenn Class of 2011
« on: June 26, 2008, 02:42:29 PM »
Maybe I will end up loving Philly, but right now my ambivalence is about the fact that every picture of the city I see that's not either Penn-related or major-historical-sight related seems kind of run down and depressed (in an economical sense, but also I think that can lead to a certain depressing kind of aura). I asked my friend living there to go around town and take a bunch of pictures of various places: the grass in the parks seems to be brown rather than lush, the buildings seem to be needing a lot of touch-ups, and the streets seem kind of empty.

I'm used to living in a very crowded and intense city and Philly (again, just from pictures) seems to feel a bit empty, almost lonely. But everybody who's actually spent time there says that it's not that bad or even that it's great, as lovebutton did. So I'm looking forward to being wrong!

I'm not going to Penn (well, I'm still on the waitlist), but I lurk a bit here anyway out of nostalgia...

I was an undergrad at Penn. Philadelphia really is a fantastic, vibrant city. There are some depressed areas, but anywhere that you'll have reason to go to is great. I don't know where you saw pictures of, but everywhere from University City east to the Delaware River is just as crowded and "city-like" as any other major city. And it's only getting better, with the new development in Center City. Plus, Penn itself will be undergoing massive expansions over the next decade or two (they just purchased land totaling I think 50% of the current campus size), some of the early stages of which you might benefit from. And a proposed footbridge over the Schuylkill River (which I think is supposed to happen within the next couple of years) connecting the campus directly to Center City will definitely help.

Basically, if you're coming from New York, you might find Philadelphia a bit less "intense." But from anywhere else, it's the same or better. I'd say at worst, comparable to Boston or Washington.

P.S. The title of this thread annoys me every time I see it. It's "Penn," not "UPenn!" You only say "UPenn" when speaking to someone who you predict won't be able to tell it apart from Penn State! ;)

My understanding is that New Jersey judges are, for whatever reason, particularly inclined towards NJ law schools. I'm sure that those schools' fudging of their clerkship stats play a role, but in any case, it does seem that NJ judges rarely hire outside of NJ's three law schools. 30-something years ago, my father clerked for an NJ superior court judge after graduating from Rutgers-Camden, and apparently this has been a pattern for a while.

I'm kind of hoping that if my grades at Michigan aren't good enough to get me a federal clerkship in New York, some NJ district court judge will at least give me credit for being a lifelong resident of NJ and give me the same benefit!

I'll post for the sake of posting. Um...still super excited? And what do I need to do to get football tickets? I lost the info.

Go here:, and find the link for student tickets. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. When it lets you add a seating group, the group name/password is LAW/LAW.

I just finished my order! It's exciting to be going to a school with an actual football team, for a change!

Anybody else still waiting on the football tickets email? I still haven't gotten it...

I just got it 10 minutes ago.

Finally got mine also!

Anybody else still waiting on the football tickets email? I still haven't gotten it...

Hmm. I thought the "not getting your real diploma" thing was kind of standard. Even at my undergrad graduation, all we got were letters congratulating us and informing us that the real diplomas would be mailed to us a couple of months later!

I don't feel for you, sadly.

Enjoy the Big House experience.

Heh, I think I'll adjust pretty quickly. There's only so many meaningless playoff-less Division I-AA football seasons and fifteenth-seeded NCAA Tournament first-round exits one can stand before wanting something a bit more...


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