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Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 28, 2004, 02:19:23 PM »
OT-After a very hellish application year I was finally admitted off the waiting list to my first choice.  I will be a first year student at Howard University School of Law.  Good luck to those applying and for those that are still waiting.  :)

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 08, 2004, 06:58:43 AM »

I have not been to the law school campus, but I have been to the undergraduate campus, and it is a little ummm....scary!  I was totally taken back by the run down buildings and the landscaping.  Maybe I am a little superficial, but it just isn't an environment I can see myself learning in for the next three years.  Did anyone apply to NCCU?  From my understanding they have a pretty good reputation in the NC area.


Congrats on your score!  That is amazing.  Howard is an amazing university, and if you ever get a chance to visit, do it.  I come from a large state school, and the family feeling they describe in their view book was definitely there.  The students were very helpful and friendly, they seemed very engaged in the course material, and they interacted with each other as if they have been friends for years.  They gave off really good vibes.  As far as jobs, it is like any other school.  If you work hard the opportunities will be there.  There are a lot of top firms that recruit there, and you do not appear to be a slacker, so I am sure you will have no problem finding a job with a JD from HUSL.

I have done a lot of reading on Howard, and I attended the open house they had this year, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 07, 2004, 08:57:41 AM »

It is really good to see other African Americans doing great things.  I applied this season to a bunch of schools, and was placed on the wait list at quite a few schools including howard (#1 choice-praying to be accepted off).  I did however, get accepted to Southern, but decided not to attend for personal reasons.  Where is everyone headed?  Anyone else on the waitlist at Howard?

Congrats to those accepted, and good luck to those just applying.

Lawdiva  ;D

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