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I'll add on to this...

I'm a 2L at Gtown, transferred in, but I got in early action, and my grades dropped a good deal in my second semester.

Nevertheless, because of the lottery OCI system, I was able to get over 30 interviews (there are many points in the process to pick up more interviews, and believe it or not, many firms were very receptive to a simple email requesting to interview with them)

I have a V40 offer, and am going on more callbacks next week (in NY)...moral of the story is, I think if you make sure to cast a wide net, which is easy to do here, you can get something

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions

Job Search / Re: GULC OCI
« on: September 01, 2008, 11:19:21 AM »
jascot, interviewed with Baker Botts Dallas Thursday, haven't heard anything

Job Search / Re: GULC OCI
« on: September 01, 2008, 10:38:32 AM »
12 callbacks, all NY, still waiting on thursday and friday interviews, also really hope MoFo comes through but unfortunately I think I missed the boat


So we recieved our class rankings, and I finished a little above top 25% at Fordham, however below the top 10%.  My goal, again, is to get NYC biglaw.  I have been accepted to Georgetown, and am torn as to whether I should go.  Do people think above top quarter at Fordham is enough to do the trick, or will Georgetown give me a (needed?) boost?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I have gotten 2 grades and have unfortunately fallen to the top 15/20%, and with two more to go that I am not so comfortable about, I see a bigger fall coming.  I guess I am just not so comfortable with this so-called 1/3rd cutoff for biglaw at Fordham, especially since I have very little work experience and came straight out of undergrad.  I also have a feeling that with the weak economy, Gtown may provide better stability with their biglaw rates, and furthermore will be a more beneficial degree later on in life.  Of course, I could be wrong, but damn those gtown shirts fit me nice

I finished my first semester around the top 5% at Fordham, however I fear I may fall to around the top 3rd when all my grades come in.  I was accepted EA into Gerogetown FT.  I want to work in biglaw, preferably nyc, but I also want the option of working in other cities, as I have two years to go and often change my mind about what I want to do.  other things about me: not much work experience, ivy undergrad.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Job Search / 1L SA positions
« on: March 02, 2008, 01:40:53 PM »
I'm top 5% at a T25, ivy undergrad, but very little work experience, and the experience I do have is not related to law.  Is it a waste of time to apply for 1L biglaw gigs?

I still have not made up my mind.  I will decide by this wednesday between Fordham and Vandebrilt, assuming Cornell doesn't decide to pleasantly intervene.  If anyone has any informed opinions on which one will place better in BigLaw in New York, as well as the rest of the country I would greatly appreciate it.

     I am new to this site.  I was recently accepted into Vanderbilt off the waitlist, and I now need to choose between BC, Fordham and Vanderbilt.  My situation is as follows:
     I am a resident of New York City, and I believe I will most likely want to work in Manhattan.  I went to my undergraduate school up North, and I feel comfortable here.  I am fairly well off so monetary issues aren't a primary concern, however BC has offered me a 15K scholarship per year.  Fordham and Vanderbilt have so far offered me nothing.
     I am still currently on the Cornell waitlist and will attend if admitted.  I am however very torn over my current options, and any advice would be appreciated, particularly concerning employment options in the Northeast from the three aforementioned schools.  I am also Jewish, and I am curious as to the level of acceptance for Jews down in Tennessee.  Any other feedback would be appreciated.

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