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um, it looks like seton hall is at 66. cosmo seemed to miss a few schools and his list got off-track.

Apparently Seton Hall really IS that high...somehow tied with Chicago-Kent....that just seems wrong...

Why?  Seton Hall is a great school.  They have a great faculty and place well in New Jersey.  They only moved up four spots.  However, what happened to St. John's?  Weren't they 70 last year?  (too lazy to look).

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: States ending AA
« on: March 25, 2008, 09:50:11 AM »
You never lived in Patterson.  You lived in Haledon or Wayne.  You don't need to lie to give yourself standing. 

Law School Admissions / Re: Stalking the mail man?
« on: February 25, 2008, 06:57:58 PM »
I know my mailman really well too. I know the names of all of his children as well as his middle name, his favorite color, his mother's maiden name, his sleep habits, etc. I also watch movies with him on a regular basis. Normally that would be really creepy, but he's my dad.

Does your real dad know that the mailman had sex with your mother, and that he is not your real father?

Letsgo - Is Cardozo as cutthroat as I hear?  I'm considering applying there.  I like the fact they have spring start.

IamAnXman - suuure you won't be annoying.  Yup.   :o

Well, I'm not sure how it compares to other schools, but there are definitely a lot of students who want to be at the top of the class here.  There are students who, during finals, would not leave the library for days; they would actually sleep on a couch in the library.  I'm not sure if this occurs at other schools during 1L though.  Unfortunately many of these people lack social skills.  However, I've noticed a dramatic improvement come 2L.  

IamAnXman - are you one of those "gunners" I keep hearing about?  You seem to fit the description perfectly.

Letsgo - I disagree about gay marriage, but I understand it is an emotional issue, and I personally have no negative feelings towards gays or anyone else.

Fair enough.

good point. why give up your high post count on others though? to have another account to back up the things you say?

Why give up my high post count?  I didn't know that was a goal that I should strive for.  And no, I don't create other accounts to back up things I say.

your next post will be your 180th. years?

You realize you can create multiple accounts on this site, correct?

^ you weren't around for that, letsgo. and it wasn't for "stealing my thoughts". it was for stealing my intellectual property. and i didn't shame them, as you're doing. i informed them of their actions and let them know how to properly interpret those laws through a strict constructivist approach.

Actually I was around, and I loved every second of it.  I've been on this board for years.

^ this isn't the place to shame people, letsgo. it's only internet. plus, madness already admitted he was wrong- no need to bash him any more.

Weren't you shaming people for being libelous and stealing your thoughts?

It's ok.  We can't be upset with Mr. Linderman for his views; he's just a product of a society that hasn't fully evolved/progressed yet.  I mean it used to be that the majority of people though owning slaves was ok and that the races should be kept separate.  It used to be that women shouldn't vote and were essentially the property of their husbands.  This is just another form of bigotry, and one day he'll realize that his views are antiquated and baseless.  For some reason he, like many people in our nation's history, just needs a group to persecute.  However, things are changing now.

This is the original quote from Letsgo which I was referring to when I made the observation before that some people who disagree with others' political views like to use insults rather than good arguments.  It wasn't right to tell someone he "just needs a group to persecute" when he (oh my goodness) disagrees with gay marriage, you know, like two thirds of Americans.  People need to get out of their little bubbles and realize people can have a valid reason for their views without being bad people.

However, people like "Letsgo" would rather insult others.  

your argumentative methods have not convinced anyone in here but only made everyone angry at you...and you hope to become a lawyer using those tactics? please. get over yourself and stop using ad homina attacks on other posters that you disagree with but can't muster up a proper argument against.

IamAnXman, I have not tried to convince anyone of my views, or to get anyone angry.  On the contrary, I saw many instances of people being insulting for no reason, because they had no evidence to back up their views.  I called them out, and I will continue to do so.  Please next time, read the thread first before making ridiculous assumptions.  I can disagree with people respectfully without calling them "perverts" and "antiquated" but not everyone has that ability.

Oh. My. God.  I called somebody's views antiquated?!  How dare I!  What an awful insult!  I never called anyone a pervert, you must be thinking of someone else.  Go cry somewhere else baby.

Letsgo, you might want to adjust your personality.  Or just to get one at all.

That's cute that he has a different view than me.  Lots of people do.  However, his view denies to a group of people a certain desirable right; the right to be married.  Sure civil unions may offer the same benefits as marriage, but it's not marriage, because it has a different name.  Separate but equal is still separate.  Shame on you.

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