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I messed around my first 3 years of college unfortunately. I'm 21 now at the University of Hawaii studying business management. I have one year left, with a 3.0 GPA after this semester (which I didn't do so hot in).

My next 2 semesters as well as summer school I plan on really trying hard to pull A's. Hopefully my GPA can get up to a 3.2 :-/

Obviously a tier 1 or 2 is most likely unattainable, but I was considering applying to Hawaii's law program here because for one I don't have to relocate all over again and two it is much more affordable than other schools I have looked at.

If I do good on the LSAT will my 3.0-3.2 still haunt me and prevent me from getting into law school? Had I known 3 years ago that law was my path I would have taken things much more seriously. Hindsight is always 20/20 right...

I am interning at a law firm right now and love it.

Thanks for any help

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