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Personal Statements, Resumes, and Letters of Recommendation / big mistake?
« on: November 23, 2004, 11:30:36 PM »
In my diversity statement, it was suppose to say the following:

"My mother did not want our financial situation to interfere with my academics..."

INSTEAD, i turned in this:

""My mother did want our financial situation to interfere with my academics..."

BIG Difference isn't it??

f@ck me  :-\

Do you think I should send an edited copy?

here's an update (if anyone cares :P). So I asked all my LOR writers. This was what I wrote:

...As I am currently writing my personal statement for my applications, I
discovered that the 2 3 page limitation makes it difficult to
encompass everything that I would like to present to potential law
schools. As such, I would like to know if you would be comfortable
enough in allowing me to read your letter so that I may review them in
the context of my applications in their entirety. I think this would
allow me to ensure a more comprehensive presentation of my character
and strengths allowing me to dedicate other portions of my
application to personal aspects that may not be covered in your
recommendation and to avoid needlessly repeating issues already
addressed by you.

I will completely understand if you do not feel comfortable providing
me with your letter. Either way, please let me know so that I may
plan my application process accordingly.

Lastly, I would like to thank you again for all your time and
dedication in assisting me with my application process. I truly
appreciate all your help!

I have already received positive responses from 2 of them (within hours of sending them the email). The third one is in England, so I don't believe she's checked her email yet. Of the two that has responded, I think one of them thought that the whole confidentiality waiver was enforced between her and LSAC (not the applicant and LSAC)[- this is what she wrote:

As to your letter, I'd be more than happy to share the gist of what I wrote, but I would prefer to respect the confidentiality that I promised the LSAC. Rest assured that I've never written such a glowing report of a student. In terms of details, I touched only on those things that I had actually observed you do in our class, and I indicated that we had maintained contact over the years. I described how impressed I was when reading your paper on Rodriguez, and how you earned the top honor in that class from an outside reviewer. I talked about your intellectual strengths, curiosity, and leadership in class discussions. I fully endorsed you and said you would excel in a rigorous law program because you are a dedicated, self-starting student. it doesn't hurt to ask for a copy of the LOR.

Hey legallyliz,

I tried what you suggested, and this was the response I got:

Two thoughts about your having access to my letter:
1) If admissions committees see that you have not waived your right to do so, I think my credibility would suffer.
2) What would be the point?  I assure you that I would not want to go to the trouble of writing a letter that you might not want to use.

Granted, he's a very "to the point" man, so I don't think he's offended or anything (at least I hope not?)...but now I feel bad, and I'm not sure what to write back in
response.  Any suggestions?  Do you think his response can be seen as negative?


BOALT does not = warm... and I dont htink L.A. is a nice place to live...traffic/pollution etc although i could be wrong.

Does anyone else agree about Duke?

Berkeley isn't really warm, but it's not cold either.  It's consistent, cool, nice weather.   But I'm also biased.  :P

I guess "veggies" does connote that impression  :P
I think a good PS topic for you would be something to do with PETA and animal rights law :)

Is anyone free to read a draft of my personal statement?  I just did some more revising and I'm not sure if works.  Thank you ahead of time for your help.  ;D

Is anyone free to read a draft of my personal statement?  I just did some more revising and I'm not sure if works.  Thank you ahead of time for your help.  ;D

I took Vietnamese.  How about you? 

Hey calguy815,

I also took a language course for two years, but I figured it was ideal to recieve letters from profs within your major.  Did you send in one rec from an IB prof and one from the language prof?  Thanks for your help!

Thanks gobears! 

Cal Rocks! =P

I was wondering if anyone here went to Berkeley and asked for letters from poli sci professors.  If so, whom did you ask?  I'm a little worried about one of my recs because the prof doesn't know me that well, or even remember me at all.  I would have originally asked my GSI, except the prof offered his services to the entire class as long as the GSI wrote a blurb about you.  I thought that was a nice gesture, so I asked him, figuring since the GSI would give him the details necessary to write a substantive letter.  I guess I'm just worried that it'll suck so I'm wondering if anyone's in the same boat I am in .

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