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Nashville School of Law / Admission chances?
« on: March 18, 2007, 09:02:25 PM »
This is difficult to disclose, even anonymously...

I plan to apply to NSL.  Bottom line:  low GPA, 160 LSAT.  When I say low GPA, I mean low:  2.00 overall, but 1.85 as calculated by LSDAS (insert commentary here, e.g., yikes, better him than me, good luck sucka, etc.).  There was a string of semesters during which I'd have been better off away from school.  But that was 13 years ago, and in all of my later coursework (to finish my BA), I got A's.  I'm a grownup now, with a mildly successful career and a family, and I'm optimistic about my recommendations (which will include an NSL alumnus).

Let's say I get a 160+ on the LSAT (not impossible:  I got a 158 as a stupid kid), something that would put my index in the mid-range (as calculated by the median figures available on NSL's website).  Is the consensus that I have a shot?

Thanks for the input.

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