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Law School Admissions / Re: unique majors?
« on: March 12, 2007, 02:45:28 PM »
BBA is probably a poor choice, even for a business career.  Companies will not plop you out of u-grad and let you "manage" a team of experienced people.  That is unrealistic. 

The best pre-business major I could think of would be a double major in Industrial Engineering & Finance.

IE is concerned with how to improve manufacturing, increase efficiency, etc.  If you join a company as a IE you can probably move up into more business stuff easily and you will have a high starting salary.

Finance would show an interest in business with some tangible skills.

Along this track , you should aim for something like:

Aim for the OMLP or the FMP.  FMP in particular is known as one of the best "finance" programs around and will surely fast-track you.  However, I'm sure OMLP would be just fine too.

This course of action would possibly jeopardize law school though.  L-schools do not like "practical" or "vocational" majors, such as engineering or business.

The best "flex" option would be (in my opinion) double major in IE and Math.  Math is one of the premier pre-law majors (along with Philosophy).  Surely shows great analytical skills and will let you master the LSAT.  It is also a "generalist" major.  IE would give you the business option though.  Corporations would also love to see Math (the CEO of General Electric was an Applied Math major).

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