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Current Law Students / Paralegal Experience any help?
« on: February 05, 2007, 01:35:27 PM »
I actually have my Bachelor's Degree in paralegal studies and have worked for attorneys for going on 6 years.

Does anyone have a similar background, and if so: did it help considerably?

Thank you!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / What is considered "big law"?
« on: February 07, 2007, 02:17:59 PM »
I keep reading that, unless you get into a Tier 1, Tier 2 school, you will not get into "big law"

Can someone just clarify that? What if you just want to practice law in a smaller suburban law firm- I can get interviews from my Tier 4 there, right?

Any info would really be appreciated and try not to be nasty- I'm just looking for information. Thanks!

Hey there- my numbers weren't great (152 LSAT - 2.74 GPA- it sucks, because when I went away when I was 18 I screwed around so much, but I graduated with a 3.5 from my degree-granting college)

Anyway, because of this, I plan on doing very well (top 20%) at Widener and transfer into Temple- This is what the Associate Dean for Students from Temple said:
"You should know that we do take transfer students every year, and we do take them from Widener.  We have not had a problem with late grading.  Transfers are only taken at the end of the entire first year, not the first semester.  We base the transfer decision primarily  on performance during the first year of Law School.  Applicants need to be in the top 20th percentile of their law school class."

Does anyone have experience with this?


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