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i was just asking for advice...thank you for actually giving some. i mean i could care less... i've dealt with stupid insecure assholes all my life, but i just thought on a website aimed at giving advice for aspiring law school students that wouldnt be the case....

Okay listen no need for anyone to be an ass....I have so much going on and at the time i was going to school full time and working full time...Yes I am a woman and I was simply on here to ask for some advice for the future....I know I messed up and if anything you talking *&^% isnt doing anything but making me feel worse. Nevermind.....remind me not to ask for advice here again.

Basically I took the LSAT extreme course last June and took the LSAT in be honest I only went to the three month course for about a month and really didnt take the LSAT prepared...hence why I ended up with a 145 and no acceptances this term!

I know I have to take the LSAT again and I am serious now. I graduate in May and plan to register to retake in Sept again so I have plenty of time to prepare without having to be in school full time.

Should I take another prep course? Should I self-study? Both? and if I take a course should I retake with Kaplan b/c im pretty sure i'll get a discount the second time around....HELP!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / AHHHHHH I HATE THIS!! help!
« on: January 15, 2007, 06:00:54 PM »
I am pretty nervous about ending up anywhere next year, I applied only to 5 schools in November. FSU, UM, STETSON, NOVA, AND ST THOMAS. I got rejected from both UM and FSU on 1/8/07 and i am unsure when i will ever hear back from the rest. My GPA is ok (3.3) and my LSAT is low considering (145).....but my EC's are awesome so i duno what to expect. Any advice? My first choice is def. Stetson just because I need to get out of Miami...

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