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eh it can be argued that my choice isn't worth the money, but i'm pretty happy with where i'm going to go, even if i'm paying sticker :(

i want to be a lawyer, so yeah.. oh well, i hope the c/o 2013 doesn't do as badly as the c/o 2012 or c/o 2011

The c/o 2012 hasn't done badly yet.

ok, you caught me, I didn't read it good enough while posting my last questions. Admitted.
That being said a 70% pass rate is bad, a 70% attrition rate is INSANE!

Agreed. 70% failure rate is crazy high.

I would be wary of a school with JFK's bar passage rates. For July 2009, (

Of first-time takers, only 13/44 JFK students passed that bar. That is, 30% passed the bar.
For repeat-takers, only 7/50 passed the bar. That is 14%.

Spending 3-4 years of your life studying law with only a 30% chance of passing the bar doesn't sound that great. And, of course, you aren't assured a job even if you do pass the bar.

ow long ago did you take it? What school did it get you into? How are you going at that school?
How are teh 70% of your classmates who failed doing?

Err, he took it in 2007. So, three years ago.

It got him into Nova SE. He posted a email address.

Obviously I can't answer how he is doing at the school or what the other AAMPLE applicants who were unsuccessful are doing. ;D

I think OP was dramatically overstated. There are many people who should go to law school.

However, law school is not a guarantee of a good job, or a guarantee of a job at all. Legal careers, especially at the top end, are tied to the success of big business, and will tend to be cyclical with the economy.

In support of the OP, a lot more people go to law school that should go to law school. Many people who choose law school go in thinking they'll make six figures, and are simply not making rational economic choices, for a variety of reasons.

Northwestern is in a nice location, and offers a 3 year JD/MBA, if you're looking to take the JD/MBA path. Does Berkeley offer a 3-year JD/MBA, or does it take 4?

Dude, with a 153 LSAT and a 2.76 GPA, I woulnd't plan on much egotism for any school that is taking you, regardless of your URM status.
Sick burn. But true.

Stop worrying about US News. It won't have any impact on your ability to enjoy a decent legal career.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: U of Colorado vs. U of Denver ($)
« on: April 10, 2010, 09:54:14 PM »
Describe how much debt you would have coming out from each school.

So, you get Lathamed, and suddenly everyone going to law school is making a terrible blunder? Right.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Nashville School of Law/UT Law
« on: April 09, 2010, 07:33:36 AM »
I don't think a J.D. will meaningfully boost your chances of becoming a CEO.

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