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Current Law Students / Re: Patent Bar Review Course
« on: November 10, 2009, 05:16:36 PM »
pli is supposed to be the best.  look at ebay for used materials, that should save you some money.

I would doubt, but I have seen it done if you have good reason (ie married couple didn't want to be in same section).  I don't think there is harm in asking.

this is a function of your provider, not emory (generally).  my loans were delayed because of the lender having problems getting capital at the time.  I switch lenders and got the money soon after [a week after the request, this was in Sept.).  Emory financial aid office told me my lender was going to be delayed originally and recommended i switch.  I didn't at first because i like my old lender (i'm going back - THE for those that are curious - citi is my new lender).  I have found the financial aid office to be very responsive in the process.

The credit crunch at the beginning of fall semester was well publicized (so it wasn't emory's fault), Congress acted last May in response to help get money flowing to students.  hope that helps.

Is anyone here coming to ASW next month?

OOh! I'll be there!

are you actually going to be there or are you going to be sitting in your apartment, ignoring people who knock on your door...?

I believe the median age is 23, but it feels like there are a lot of people that have had some work experience between college and law. I know a few 30 year olds that I hang out with (I am 26).  There are a few 40ish students as well.  I believe the school reaches out to those with kids/families, but I don't necessarily pay attention to that.  I would say GSU is going to have more folks with families and students going into their second career.  I am not sure what the social scene is at GSU is, but Emory's events are generally either drinking in VaHigh or going to clubs relocated from Buckhead. Emory also does some of its events at the school.  Hope that helps, good luck.

To lose the scholarship at emory, you will have to fail out.  emory does pretty well in placing in the east coast (ie ny/dc) and the south (GA/AL/FL).  if you are planning on staying in texas, UT would seem obvious (austin is great).  but the cost may not be worth it. emory does have a dallas job fair, but its pretty small (  emory can get you access to texas biglaw, otherwise it would seem you will be on your own in finding a job.  I go to emory and enjoy it. if you have any questions ask.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Emory 1L Taking Questions
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:50:06 PM »
I'd be interested in hearing the 2L's comments on the job issue, given current "conditions."

Oh ok... well, since you pulled my leg, I'll take yet another break from studying...

Most of the people that I know who are in the top 1/3 or so have a job lined up for the summer. Not all of those count as "BIGLAW," though, but I'd venture to guess that if you are in the top 1/3 and make a journal, you're in good shape, so long as you attack the bigger markets. I know of two people who are on a journal and don't have jobs. I think it had a lot to do with them skipping big markets and applying to niche markets that either cut back on hiring or that they didn't have a connection to, but honestly I am just guessing.

The ATL jobs were seemingly unavailable if you had a strong connection to a geographic area outside of the southeast, however. I don't think many interviews were granted to people who had "New York, NY" listed anywhere on their resume, for example, regardless of rank. At least on the east coast, NY is the only market that doesn't seem to care about local connections at all. Even if you do have a connection to a market, it may not be strong enough (for example, I have a connection to Philadelphia through my undergrad, but apparently that wasn't convincing enough for Philly firms).

RPP can probably do a better job of commenting on this, but I think the job market for Patent/IP lawyers is still pretty good. I don't think I know of any Enginerds who are unemployed at the moment. I don't, however, know every future patent lawyer at Emory.

I've mentally excluded people from this analysis who want to work for the government, or small firms, or anything outside of BIG/MID-LAW. Those jobs might not be filled until next semester.

I disagree with captain on this issue.  I know quite a few people on a journal who do not have jobs lined up next summer (at least the 2 captain is thinking of and a few more).  the rumor going around during finals (of which i have secondary sources somewhat confirming the validity, but i am not completely convinced of this) - was that only about 1/4 of the 2L class had jobs lined up after fall oci - based on a survey done by career services.  Obviously this is pretty low, but i don't have numbers to compare to last year (also i know a few people who didnt respond to their career services person and have a job).  also fall oci was a while ago, but a friend of my mine asked cs during finals and they seemed to confirm it.  1Ls are probably screwed for next year, but who knows.  3Ls are screwed.  the market is bad.  that is just the truth. just look at abovethelaw and the failure of some big firms and layoffs.  its an oversaturated market, if you are thinking about law school, i would recommend that you think about your reasons and your ability to pay off debts...

I would agree with captain on NY.  Atlanta firms dont like it if you apply to other firms outside of atlanta, even if you are from atlanta. 

IP law is the exception if you have the right background.  if you have questions on that, i can fill you in on that.

caveat: everybody has a different experience/opinion, so take my advice/thoughts for what you will...

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Emory 1L Taking Questions
« on: November 11, 2008, 06:29:43 PM »
Why was that a reply to me?

Oh, and if I remember correctly, I believe it was the Captain who administered the final-question ass-whoop.

I was putting it into context.  we would have gotten it right if you weren't there. also i do remember you jumping up on an answer and getting it wrong.  not once, but twice.  in fact you tend to get most questions wrong or lead us down the wrong path.

And togbra, this was like the first week I didn't make it out to trivia.  I just gave up since I routinely missed every question and was worthless.  Did you guys take home the $50?

and yes we did.  this will be our last week cause of finals, etc.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: 164/3.76
« on: November 10, 2008, 05:51:28 PM »
This might be a terrible thing for me to say, but I'm not 100% sure where I want to practice yet.  I've lived in California my ENTIRE life, and I am starting to get very restless, so I would prefer to leave the state for school, at the very least.  I'm pretty much only familiar with urban areas with very moderate climate, but I wouldn't be against the possibility of moving somewhere completely different--I'm actually looking forward to it.

why uga?  I understand the idea to see if you can get money, but in reality, you should also take a look at placement.  Uga is a good school, but really will only get you placed in georgia/atlanta. 

some of the schools are better at national placement than others, ie if you wanted to go back to california for whatever reason, it may be harder (not impossible, just harder) for you to do so.  I think it would be wise to take a look at placement at certain locations that can give you the best placement in an area you think you want to live.

For example, I go to emory.  there is an east coast bias for placement, ie we do well in nyc, dc, atlanta.  everywhere else is ok.  Emory recruits students from california and they do well in getting jobs there. emory does a joint job fair with other east coast schools in southern california.  im just talking about my experience, not necessarily advocating. 

if you pick a school like fordham you are you going to get an northeast/nyc bias.  american - dc bias.  all good schools, but not as portable in getting that first job as one would think(fordham's ny/nj/pa placement is 85%, with 8% unknown).  I dont know the stats for the other schools, you should look at it, cause some of them will surprise you, its not always about rankings, but how they recruit.

another point to think about.  smaller law markets want you to have a connection to the city you are going to work in.  for example if you are from cali, and you want to work in atl, they will want to know why.  it would be easier to explain you want to live there after gone to school in that city, than if you were in school in nyc.  big markets like nyc, generally don't care where you are from since "everybody" wants to live there, but they still ask in interviews. 

as someone from atlanta, and having an east coast resume, in some ways it was harder for me to get interviews in california.  again not impossible, but just harder.  Hopefully that might give you some perspective.  all the schools you listed are fine schools, good luck in the cycle.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Emory 1L Taking Questions
« on: November 07, 2008, 02:40:33 PM »
Where do you guys do Trivia?

I haven't seen any group of 2L dorks to rival us at Mellow Mushroom.

We used to go to Mellow Mushroom last year, but we moved on to dominate Hand in Hand this semester.
We dominated you 1Ls this past week... :P

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