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What's MAP? 

I was just checking out Chickering -- it looks like the plan for a married couple is almost $8,000 per year.  Please someone tell me that I am wrong.

I priced out the MyBlue FlexBlue 1500 plan and it came out to $5,200.  (Full disclosure: I actually work for a company that enrolls people in MyBlue and other Blue Cross plans; you'd think I'd be less shocked at these numbers.)

I understand that the standard student budget can be appealed and increased based on documented costs.  Does anyone know if these costs can include the higher premium from including a spouse in the insurance plan?

I'm trying to get some word from the financial aid office on this, but it would be nice to hear any stories from the married folks who have actually gone through this crap. 

Hollow, its called "young adult blue."  Yeah, I'm almost 26 but whatev...

Here's a link

Leopold's is the only bar I like. :(  Anywhere.

That's a real bummer.  I'm not sure if it's my favorite in AA, though.  Can't beat the Old Style at the 8-ball. 

I have Hard beaten except for Slayer (and Lou, obviously.) I've heard Lou is just unfair - I played my friend's medium and IT was hard.

Expert I think I am pretty far into.

Cydonia absolutely kills me - not so much the HOPO section as the WEIRD timing of the ending riff.

GH2 I beat all of Hard and almost all of Expert.

It sounds like we couldn't be more evenly matched.  How about Jordan on Hard?  I managed to pull off 5 stars on that once. 

My question is, if you are going to spend that much time pretending to play an instrument, why not just learn how to play one for real?

I've heard this argument plenty (as have most GH addicts, I'm sure).  For one thing, GH is ridiculously easier than playing a real guitar.  I'm curious to know why people rarely make analogous arguments about first person shooters or car racing games.  I suppose the analogy is tenuous considering the consequences of the former and the expense of the latter.  In the end I have to appeal to the sheer enjoyment I get out of the illusion that I'm rocking out.

GH3 is harder than GH2 was. I can't beat f-ing Slayer on Hard still! :(

It's not that simple though.  The timing threshold on the notes is much more forgiving in GH3 making hammer-ons and pull-offs much easier (Knights of Cydonia in Hard or Expert will show you what I mean). 

As far as raw difficulty, Slayer/Raining Blood on Hard totally has my ass kicked.  I ended up moving to Expert and got through Tenacious D/The Metal.  The next block is really killer.

Oh God - it's gotten to the point where I no longer allow my boyfriend to talk about Guitar Hero (and Saw - but that's a whole other story) in my presence because his obsession has gotten completely out of hand.

I don't think I need to tell you what will happen if you force him to choose.  Also, my wife and I rock co-op mode.  Should we prove to be fertile, I see a rock band in our future.

Loving the stats, Kirchner

Thanks :)

That number is outdated.  I've since made significant progress in both Hard & Expert.  Not to mention receiving GH3 from the wife for Christmas.  Hmmm...maybe GH party in Detroit after April ASW?

Sweet!  It just seemed like everyone was going March.  Are you staying Sat. night?

I'll be there in April.  I live in Detroit, so if people are going to be around Saturday night, I can hang out. 

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